water pump

  1. motocod

    W211 E270 water pump replacement - how much coolant?

    Hi Folks, I have a slight leak from my water pump on my ‘05 W211 E270, so I’m looking to replace it over the next few weeks. Seems like a fairly straightforward job, albeit I need to buy a T50 bit to take the idler pulley off. I also don’t have any “E” sockets, although regular hex sockets...
  2. P

    Any thoughts on Reinzosil?

    Need to change water pump. Looking at a couple of YouTubes, in one the got smears Reinzosil on faces before fitting the new joint. I suppose, at least, it will stop the gallery falling off while fitting. Any thoughts?
  3. Silver 300te

    s124 kombi 300te water pump gasket/seal???

    Hello. What does it looks like, engine to water pump? Anyone know the part number? Is it just an O ring? I'm not buying a whole new water pump, if I can help it. Thanks. Matthew
  4. Tukka

    Banjo bolt thread ??

    Hi,I have had to drill out the remains of a sheared banjo bolt in my water pump housing (part no.915036-005).I have a new banjo bolt to replace it but I need to tap a new thread in thehousing.Does anyone know what this thread size is please? I thought M8 but its finer.Thankyou.
  5. renrutp76

    W203 C270CDI Water Pump Problem

    Hi All, Having a slight problem with my water pump, noticed an unusual ticking noise. and shortly after failing to locate the fault, started to smell a slight whiff of hot coolant/antifreze. It seems to be running down the block from the water pump. I ordered one from ECP, and when I went to...
  6. M

    W210 E300 TD Water Pump failure

    The AA man said he'd never seen anything like it the Fan blade got stuck in the Rad and cracked the water pump and the part that the water pump is bolted onto . does anyone know how easy it is to remove this part as well as the water pump, special tools needed ? :( Any help would be...
  7. L

    Tensioner removal replacment

    :(:(Hi Guys First time on here so forgive me any mistakes. I have just replaced the water pump on mr sl280 (r129) and am struggling to get the belt tension correct again cant seem to get the correct sequence of setting the tensioner!! any info much appreciated. cheers Mike
  8. A

    W124 230TE Water Pump removal / refitting

    I'm scribing my experiences of removing and replacing the water pump on my 1991 230te auto, and have put up a draft on Google docs. It's a work in progress, and I'd be grateful for comments/suggestions from interested MBO bods. I don't have the car anymore so some details are a bit hazy but...

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