1. A

    2019 Shooting Brake - Water Leak

    Hi, I own a 69 plate shooting brake and appear to have a leak. When I open the boot there is water dripping from behind the plastic and the ‘Boot Close’ button is also wet. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Thanks

    Rear indicator lights are stuck on

    2005 sl350. My rear indicator lights are always on. Even when the car is turned off. Sometimes the drivers side brake light flashes too. I have to disconnect the boot battery to turn the lights off. Background is my PSE died and boot and roof was stuck open for 2 weeks with a tarp over the car...
  3. anyweb

    W169:A150 water in rear spare wheel section

    help ! I was cleaning the inside of the partners A150 when i noticed mold in the spare wheel bit under the boot inner lid, basically when you press the carpet it wobbles around so clearly it feels like 1 or 2 inch's of water in there, the water is currently under the carpet... note: the front...
  4. N

    Mercedes SL R230 2007 boot leak not a regular leak - Help!

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help please. I purchased a 2007 SL and have noticed water in the boot. I have checked the regular leak points and it is NOT the C Pillar and all seals are in tact. All drains clear and working as expected. All carpets are dry. There is a set of wires that run...
  5. S

    SEC Water leak

    My beloved 1990 500 SEC has water in the rear driver side footwell and I've spent a lot of money trying to fix it. The sunroof has been replaced and the four water spouts are clear. There was a hole in behind the battery but that has been repaired. I can't see any windows leaking and the boot...
  6. gil Neves

    Water entrance on Mercedes B200 140HP w245 2007

    Water entrance on Mercedes B200 140HP w245 2007 When I went to dismantle the carpet under the seat, there was a lot of water in the carpet sponge, and for some time water appeared in the spare wheel compartment What could be damaged so the water is entering so much? Thank you very much in...
  7. D

    W202 C200 oil in coolant

    Greetings, I bought used manual W202 C200 Elegance from 1995 and I am happy with the performance and comfort of the car(had E36 before).I inspected everything on the car and it is in very good shape but one thing bothers me.Upon opening the expansion tank cap,it had mayo on it,and the water was...
  8. M

    C-class w203 2001 - filled back sides in baggage with water

    hello, This year I have a problem with my w203 Station Wagon with water fill on back sides. Tonight after some days of rain I found that my car have 0.5 lt of water on back of my car. If any one have this problem with w203 Sw 2001, because I thought that water comes from top over from top...
  9. K

    My first W124

    Hi there, W124 300D, 1991 -this is my treasure, always wanted one and finally got one :) But she is not without her problems. The most urging one I would like you, experts to help me with is water collecting in the footwells. I checked four drains along the windscreen, they're not clogged or...
  10. T

    SL55 AMG roof leak

    Hi, I have a small issue of a water leak on my R230. I know these roofs can be adjusted, just wondering if anyone has instructions on how it is done. Also, I get excessive noise in the cabin at 80mph+ (on the track of course:cool:). I don't think the seals needs replacing. Any help...
  11. M

    HELP! My Mercedes 320 CLK has a water leak in the front passenger footwell

    I am hoping that someone can help me on this issue. My Mercedes 320 CLK Avantgarde Convertible has water in the front passenger footwell, which is also finding its way to the rear passenger footwell on the same side. This is happening after 'rain. I called a mobile Merc mechanic who took...
  12. Chris-net

    w203 c220 water temp fluctuating

    Hi, i recently had the air con and engine radiators replaced (insurance company provided garage) after hitting a deer on my way home from work in september. After a service in mid november i now notice the water temp gauge fluctuating between just over 60 and just under 80. my journey to...
  13. W

    Water in my MAF !

    Hi guys I'm in need of some help My MAF failed about 3 years ago and shortly after the oxygen sensor went the same way, luckily just outside the stealership ! Now some 3 years later my MAF has failed again, its not that oily, there is a little oil on it but not so much as to bother it...

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