white smoke

  1. D

    Please provide your help White Smoke from the exhaust W203 - no head gasket issue

    Hello dear members. I am extremely worried for the following issue. Light white smoke is coming out of my exhaust. I noticed it a couple of days ago. I have also checked cooling fluid, oil filler cap and spark plugs for signs of head gasket failure but seems NOT to be a head gasket (as can be...
  2. Callum2189

    Possible blown turbo

    Hi there. I was traveling on the motorway when my e350 cdi 231bhp lost power. When I pulled over it appeared when I revved the power was still low and white smoke was starting to appear. I have got it recovered and home but I'm wondering if it could be turbo or injectors? And also would the...
  3. K

    S-Class W221 - EML on, need advise

    Hey fellow Merc lovers, I just wanted some advice please - my W221 320CDI has the EML recently come on and the following codes have come up on my OBD reader (I know Star is better and I will get this done once work permits): **** AFTER EML **** Fault log report generated by Torque for Android...
  4. C

    2009 Sprinter smoke and fuel in oil

    Hi. I have a 2009 sprinter 515 that occasionally smokes (white smoke) it also sufferers from increasing oil levels (it maybe diesel in the oil). I have had the vehicle on the star computer and no faults registered. MB technician has also looked at it and can't find the fault. Any suggestions...
  5. C

    Few niggles with W204 c250cgi 2012

    Hello all, I bought this lovely car last week (23k mileage) and have a few niggles that maybe you can help with :) 1) White smoke production from exhaust when idle - this has settled slightly the more I drive it. One of the members suggested this is normal (in another post), so hopefully...
  6. S

    Damaged engine

    Hi I purchased a 2008 cls320 back in January this year. It blew small puffs of white smoke on first start up. I was advised to renew the glow plugs which I did, this did not cure the problem. It then developed a rev related noise from the engine which steadily got worse. I was advised it...
  7. S

    Sprinter 57 plate DPF problem

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and hope someone can help. Two months ago I bought a 57 plate Sprinter. All was well for the first few hundred miles then, when setting out one day I noticed white smoke coming from the exhaust. This cleared once I was on the motorway and I drove a further 170 miles...
  8. W

    infrequent billowing think white smoke

    infrequent billowing thick white smoke Hello all, would anyone have come across an infrequent billowing of very thick white smoke from the exhaust of their Mercedes with apparently no loss of coolant? I took a freind's ML320 yr 2000 (W163 I think) for a long test drive today. At about...

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