window and boot problems

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    GLE250 Windows opening by themselves?

    Hi I am new to the club and forum and was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with their windows opening slightly by themselves. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this and it is very intermittent but it's damned annoying to say the least. Any help from anyone or info gratefully...
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    Lost power to drivers door (RHS) W203 C180

    Hi all, I seem to have lost power to the drivers door, first I thought is was the window switch but when I tried to lock the doors I noticed that the drivers door wouldn't lock also. This leads me to think I have total power loss in the door, any thoughts or suggestions would be...
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    dermot dublin

    HI guys and dolls- i wonder if anyone can help with the following problems 0n my c180 auto 1998? kids were messing with rear power windows up down etc child in front seat was closing rear right window from front console and also using the lock button-result was that window failed half way up ...

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