windscreen heater issues

  1. TechnoWhizz

    W163 Front screen demist

    On my W163 2003 ML500 with LPG conversion.... The front screen demist isn't working. On auto or manually select or Demist button, the fan is working fine, but the flap doesn't seem to open. I've tried moving the direction control and you can hear the flaps moving, but no air to the screen. Also...
  2. M

    2002 W203 200k screen demister issues

    Hi all. I have just become the owner of a 2002 c200k and am having some issues with the climate control system (base system with the rotating knobs). I know I definitely have a broken linkage on the footwell vent but somewhat more curious is the Screen demister. With the air control...
  3. N

    windscreen direction setting not working

    Here's hoping for some jems of wisdom The fan works but the diretion setting doesn't I cant get hot air to blow on my windscreen Ive checked the cabling on the back of the heater /fan cluster its hooked up there and when I pull on the cable gentle it doesn't pull through so im sure its...
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