winter tyres

  1. S

    All season tyres needed with 4 wheel drive?

    Hi all, I bought a GLE Coupe a few months ago (first time with a mercedes) and I'll be needing to change the tyres in the next few months. From what I can see, I think I'm fairly limited to All season tyres due to the sizes (275/45r21 front and 315/40r21 rear) but question is, with the 4 wheel...
  2. Cgd

    Cheap winter tyres/winter alloys&tyres

    Dear all I must confess I’m a total MB newbie First ever, went for a C220 bluetec, 2.1, SE, 2016, I believe this is a W205 Living up in Scotland we survived last winter, just, and we did get stranded for a week till car was able to cope with the worst of winter Given that I regularly...
  3. Z

    Anyone fitted winter wheels/tyres onto a C350e?

    Hi, I've just joined. Thinking of fitting winter tyres/wheels to my 6mo old C350e. Checked out options with Mercedes and they say that the only OEM wheel that will fit the car is the A205 401 0800 wheel which they would happily sell me for £500 per corner including tyres! Not keen on spending...
  4. C

    Winter tyres challenge

    Right then gents, here's a challenge for you. I need to get winter tyres for the bus (W211 estate) to suit the following: Fr: 245/40R18 Rr: 265/35R18 What would you recommend and from where? I'm struggling to get a set of quality matching tyres fr & rr at a decent price.
  5. P

    Winter Tyres

    I have a set of 4 Dunlop Winter Sport tyres for sale, which I used on my Mercedes E220D coupe (I have recently sold the vehicle). I have used them for 2 winters and they still have good tread, between 5mm and 7mm depth. I didn't bother buying specific winter wheels; I just swapped them on/off my...
  6. moj91

    245/40/17 to 245/45/17 question

    Hi all, I am putting together a new set of winter wheels (keen I know..) I'm using OEM 17" wheels from another C-class. The rear wheels, with 'correct' corresponding tyres are 245/40/17. This size however isn't all that common, few manufactures do any winter tyres in this size, and quite...
  7. A

    QUICK ADVICE NEEDED - AMG replicas from eBay - to buy or not to buy??

    Hi guys, I need a very quick advice from you (the auction finishes today). I am looking for a set of alloys for the winter with tyres already fitted. I found these on eBay and they seem to be a good deal...
  8. W

    Will my C Class wheels fit my new B class

    Dear all I currently live in Munich where there are rules stating that winter tyres are required. I had a new C class in 2010 for which I purchased new 16 inch alloy wheels together with 55R16 91H Conti TS81 winter tyres. I have now ordered a new B class which I should pick up in December...
  9. V

    w163 winter tyres, size conversions and ESP

    Hello, another tyres question, Mercedes recommends only one 17 inches tyre size for my w153 ML 270CDI: 255/60R17 we all now the narrow and the higher is the winter tyre is the best, based on this I have the following questions: 1. Is it ok to use 235/65R17 size - bear in mind that ALL...
  10. N

    Winter Tyres - Worth it?

    I decide not to put this into technical as it is maybe a matter of experience and opinion rather than technical facts. Has anyone experience with using winter tyres? My issue is that my C Class is utterly crap in ice and snow. I'm not trying to go off-roading or anything but being able to at...
  11. as400

    Winter Tyres And Wheel Size Questions!

    Currently have 17" Ankka alloys. As we still have Jan and Feb to get through and my brand new Kumhos don't like snow and ice am going to take the plunge and buy a set of winter wheels. Questions: any benefit downsizing to 16"? What offset alloys do I need(will scour Ebay for some cheap and...

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