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    1993 W124 220CE COUPE WONT START:(

    My 220ce wont start, after i recently put new fuel lines on, the car had always struggled abit to start. its mot was today and i couldnt even get there. it cranks but wont seem to go any further, started once for a few seconds then died again straigh away. ive got a feeling its something to do...
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    Sl350 won't start

    Hi, I have recently brought a 2005 sl350, I drove it fine for about 2 hours after I got it and parked it up for a few days. Now when I try start it, it won't turn over. I put the key in the ignition lights come on the entertainment screen comes on and the fan in the engine comes on and that's...
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    Red triangle

    Hi All Car still will not start found a fuse had gone so have the dash lights back. I have a red triangle in the centre of the dials that stays on, can anyone tell what this telling me. Is this why it won't start. I have no book to look in. Thanks to anyone who can help
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    Fuel leak, non starter

    Hi All Can't start the car today. 1997 e300 td elegance estate. Noticed dripping fuel after trying to start the car. As you look at the fuel filter from above and left, thier is a pipe that looks like it has a slideing clip rather than a bolt to hold it on. Three pipes at the top and...
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    SLK 320 - Engone turns over but won't fire.

    Hi, I have an intermittent problem on my 2001 SLK 320 whereby the engine will turn over and over but won't start. Seems to be when engine has been running. Other occasions it is fine. Have read on the forum about immobilisers, ECU's, fuses, keys etc .... Quite a frustrating problem and I...

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