1. R

    Medesed ML 270CDI 2003 Facelift W163 Rear heater/blower stays on even when the car is turned off

    On my Mercedes ML 270 CDi 2003 (facelift model) the rear heater remains on after the car is switched off and the key is removed. I’ve tried looking for the fuse for the rear blower but been unsuccessful as the heater is constantly draining the battery therefore I’m disconnecting the battery...
  2. Mickey76

    E300 diesel issue, again!

    Still struggling with air in the system, I look such an idiot some of the places I have to park the car to get it facing downhill so it will start on return. New clear lines and o rings and pre filter, Stop solenoid o ring, tank filter, all jubilee clips, diesel leak off, so all the usual...
  3. T

    W210 central locking issues

    Hi guys, Just bought a 1997 E230 Elegance :D It's got a few wee things that need sorted out. It only came with the emergency key, the one with no buttons. My question is, when I unlock the drivers door with the metal key should the other doors unlock too? I have noticed that once I am in...

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