722.699 W211 E220 | Why the Engine Stalls when Shifting into D & R mode?


Oct 14, 2015
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(W211) E-Class Avantgarde Sports E220 CDi Executive Sedan 110KW (135k km)
I have uploaded three video clips on Youtube worth sharing. I recorded them few months back, when I started facing a strange type of transmission shifting problem for the first time (during cold start).

You can see in my videos that when I tried to put the gear in D or R mode the engine started acting clumsily. Often times the engine stalls with a vibrant shake. Even the feeling of shifting gears lever was very hard (a clunking sound can be heard).

First I thought it was due to the Engine motor mount or Transmission rubber mount, but as per my mechanic they were both ok as the symptoms of a bad Engine motor mount are very obvious to note!

After a week or so this issue went away by itself and the car started acting normally. But I noticed this when I changed the Diesel from Teboil to Shell. Nevertheless, still for sure I don't know what was the reason that cause this to happen and why?

W211, E220 CDI Avantgarde | Strange Transmission Shift Problem (Part 1)

W211, E220 CDI Avantgarde | Strange Transmission Shift Problem (Part 2)

Sound of CDI Engine

Please see these videos and kindly share your expert opinion. Thanks!


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Mar 25, 2010
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Engine mounts look OK from that video.

Based on the symptoms, it is most likely to be a torque converter issue causing the engine stalling. Either the solenoid or something else.

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