gearbox shift

  1. mshah70

    W212 transmission problems

    Hello i have a mercedes w212 E200 2011 150kmiles Recently while changing from P to R or N to (D or R) i feel a judder from the transmission. However i drove it like this for a short period and now i have a major issue. The issue is when i select a gear ( R or D) the car doesnt engage the...
  2. J

    Hi everyone, new here, please HELP if you can. Thanks

    Hi everyone, great to see such support provided by the members here. can anyone kindly provide some advice to this problem: I have a CLK 230 Kompressor, 2001 automatic model. I noticed a month ago that the transmission did not shift past the second gear so I simply reset the automatic...
  3. M

    W211 E-220 REAL TIME Data: Can you read the problem?

    Hello members, I am troubleshooting a 722.699 gearbox with "no acceleration/no power" in D or R mode. I have a E-220 CDi [W211] - 2002 with 234k km. Performed the ATF service and changed the Electronic Conductor Plate/Plug/Seals. But still after few days of driving this stubborn car is in "Stand...
  4. M

    722.699 W211 E220 | Why the Engine Stalls when Shifting into D & R mode?

    I have uploaded three video clips on Youtube worth sharing. I recorded them few months back, when I started facing a strange type of transmission shifting problem for the first time (during cold start). You can see in my videos that when I tried to put the gear in D or R mode the engine...
  5. 4

    s600 gearbox issues

    Good afternoon all, I have an issue with the V12. It started with a reluctance to select reverse, but quickly moved to no selection of gears at all, and now will intermittently select 1st only. Kick-down doesn't work, nor manual gear selection. Help and expertise greatly appreciated, Nick
  6. Pipemaster

    C220 Auto box intermittent not shifting

    I have an intermittent fault on my 51 plate C220 with steptronic (?) box. Very occasionally the gearbox does not change and remaions in a single gear. If I stop the car turn off the ignition and then on again the problem goes. This mostly happens when the car has been standing say over 5 hours...

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