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    w211 Engine mounts

    My 2004 E320 CDI has a vibration at 1500 to 2000 rpm under gentle acceleration. It's done 160k so I suspect engine mounts need replacement. I'm not planning on buying from main dealer, but see several different manufacturers available; Femi, Lemforder, Vaico etc. Also, some seem to specify left...
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    Are my engine mounts gone?

    Hi, Been doing a bit of googling to try and work out why the car is vibrating first thing in the morning. Here are the symptoms- * Car starts fine * Engage Drive, the car vibrates and I hear a bit of squeaking sound from up front in time with the vibration * Engage Reverse, the...
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    722.699 W211 E220 | Why the Engine Stalls when Shifting into D & R mode?

    I have uploaded three video clips on Youtube worth sharing. I recorded them few months back, when I started facing a strange type of transmission shifting problem for the first time (during cold start). You can see in my videos that when I tried to put the gear in D or R mode the engine...

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