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e class w210 e300td low power,

Discussion in 'General Mercedes-Benz Related Discussion' started by AMC, May 24, 2009.

advice on low power on mercedes w210 e300td

  1. turbo not working after 60 mph

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  2. low power on my car

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  1. AMC

    AMC New Member

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    May 24, 2009
    Hi i have an 1998 s reg e300 td automatic estate that is experiencing running problems, it seems to lack turbo power once you reach 60 mph and holds it in same gear rather than changing up gears etc.

    I have replaced the vac boost valve located at the near side of car under bonnet and was wondering to replace the air flow mass meter also but this could lead to be an expensive testing process buying all these parts if it does not cure the problem.

    I would welcome any advice or help in this matter if possible many thanks.

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