low power

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    Lack of high speed power

    I had my engine management light on , took it to a local garage and they couldn't find the issue , said they will have to look into my DPF filter . I took it to halfords for a DPF cleaning and they couldn't complete regen saying it is too much clogged up and DPF needs replacing. Called a mobile...
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    Very little low end power and lots of smoke - expert advice needed

    Hi everyone, I have a 2003 model C220 CDi and I'm having serious problems with it. When the engine is started from cold it shudders quite violently for the first few seconds and then stalls. Usually on the 2nd start it shudders and picks up. If you push the accelerator all the way to the...
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    help e300td low power

    Hi i,m in need of some assistance i have an 1998 e300td w210 automatic and it seems to have an intermitting fault of the turbo not working, ususally car is fine accelerating upto 60 mph then turbo seems to stop working and car is very flat and does not change up gears at all until you release...
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    e class w210 e300td low power,

    Hi i have an 1998 s reg e300 td automatic estate that is experiencing running problems, it seems to lack turbo power once you reach 60 mph and holds it in same gear rather than changing up gears etc. I have replaced the vac boost valve located at the near side of car under bonnet and was...

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