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Instrument Cluster, blown fuse.

Discussion in 'Electrics, Vacuum, Ignition and ECU' started by keith.potter, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. keith.potter

    keith.potter Guest

    The Cluster 15 amp fuse has blown twice and I don't know how to start looking for a fault. Is it a case of taking my SL320 into a dealer for a full check over, or even a replacement cluster? The only work I have done to my car on the day the fuse first blew, was replacing the front brake pads - but surely this can't be connected! If anyone has had this problem, can they come up with some advice?
    Thanks. Keith
  2. wharyono

    wharyono New Registration

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    Jun 23, 2010
    i had the same problem with my c230 1997.
    yesterday while driving, suddenly all the light on the dashboard go off. temporary check by mechanic, fuse no 15 always blown off even when they pull out the modul. what seems to be the problem is a short circuit which we haven't figure it out where its happen. my car is still under repair now.
    is there anyone had the similar problem ?
  3. OP

    keith.potter Guest

    Instrument Consol - fuse

    I have not removed my instrument consol yet because I don't expect to see anything very obvious. I'm just hoping that someone will come up with some good advise - otherwise, it looks as if it will have to go to a dealer.
  4. OP

    keith.potter Guest

    Blown Fuse

    Did you have any luck finding the fault? I haven't used my car for a few days, hoping someone would come up with an answer. It occured to me that it could be something as simple as a blown bulb in the instrument cluster. I can't think why anything else should suddenly short circuit.

  5. OP

    keith.potter Guest

    15amp fuse No.10 blowing

    As previously mentioned, the fuse to the instrument cluster on my sl320 (129) kept blowing. With the help of someone on this website, the fault was traced to a damaged wire feeding the third brake light in the boot lid. After repairing that, everything works fine. I had missed the fact that fuse number 10 protects more than just the instrument cluster.

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