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    R129 SL320 Headlight issues

    My Xenon headlight lense had a crack which let moisture in. The Xenon light and side light now no longer work but full beam does. The light shorts when a new fuse is put in but full beam continues to work. I've replaced the lense and plan to pull apart the light fitting. Planning to dry out all...
  2. L

    Original spec for wheels on R129

    Hi All Is there anyway I can find out what the original wheels that were fitted to my 1997 SL320 would have been? It has genuine 16" Mercedes wheels on it at present but I don't think they are original - the spare doesn't match! As I want to change the tyres - it has odd ones on the rear...
  3. M

    Any recommended R129 body repair shop in the midlands?

    Dear all, I've noticed rust on both front wheel arches and rust on the wings too. Are there any reliable body repair shops in Derby/Birmingham area. Also, should I repair the rust or replace the wings knowing fully well that the new wings might not fit. I drove to a garage AA specialists in...
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    sl320 w129 door panel and air bag or airbag

    I've seen a couple of guides, e.g. on Youtube, about removing a Merc interior door panel, and they don't seem to worry about the airbag. Maybe on a sedan it's in the pillar or headliner. But in my sl I assume the side airbag is in the door. Am I right, and are there any precautions that need to...
  5. A

    SL320 R129 Non Starter

    Hi, My '96 SL320 has been standing sometime and had a flat battery but after recharging she still refuses to start, all ignition lights come on but I can hear relays clicking away somewhere in the dash and the array of instrument lights go dim and then bright, on turning the key further to crank...
  6. K

    Instrument Cluster, blown fuse.

    The Cluster 15 amp fuse has blown twice and I don't know how to start looking for a fault. Is it a case of taking my SL320 into a dealer for a full check over, or even a replacement cluster? The only work I have done to my car on the day the fuse first blew, was replacing the front brake pads...
  7. M

    SL hard top storage

    It's time to drop the hood but I have no space in the garage to store my panoramic hard top and the local MB dealer in Eastbourne stopped storing them a few years back. Anyone have any solutions or know of someone in Sussex or Kent who may have suitable storage units. I have a roof stand...

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