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    Where is dipped beam fuse?

    Hi I have a 2008 Vito 115. For some reason both dipped beam lights have stopped working, so I want to check the fuse. I've looked in the manual and online, but I'm not sure which fuse (and/or relay) to check. Please could someone help. Also, has anyone got any other ideas what might cause...
  2. D

    Storage compartments back and centre and central locking not working

    Hi, Just wondering if there’s anyone has had this problem with any SL’s ? I can only get into my car with the key, same for unlocking the boot. The lights flash when I depress the key for lock and unlock but nothing happens? Saw on-line about fuses in the storage compartment in the rear...
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    Greetings all

    Second Mercedes, C240 (breadwinner), W203. Love my car, yet the electronic foibles continue. Anyone know solution to passenger seat (r) continues blowing fuses?
  4. S

    SL 350 battery light on dash - can anyone help??

    Battery light came on today and I’ve checked both batteries and they’re all okay, although rear battery alternator is charging but isn’t charging the front battery. I have checked F52 fuse in passenger footwell and that’s all okay. Any ideas how to fix this? Is there a fuse or relay that you...
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    Eclass e300 bluetech hybrid 2013 fuse box diagram chart

    hey there im new to this place i recently got my Mercedes and replaced a few fuses in it already i was wondering if someone can help me with a fuse diagram chart that tells you where all the fuses go and what number they are my car is Eclass Mercedes e300 bluetech hybrid 2013 S212 model many thanks
  6. N

    Which fuse can I use to power carcam CLC

    Hi, I have brand new Nextbase Carcam fresh out of the box which I want to hard wire to my CLC. Located fuse box in side of dash next to steeering wheel and need to identify correct fuse to piggy back power supply. Instructions suggest a power supply which is live with ignition on, but lots of...
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    A140 Classic - Fuse 48 Blowing

    Hello, I am a new member so I apologize if this thread is not in the correct section. Please can someone steer me to the right place if so! Thanks. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced it and it blew again. I don't know what this might...
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    New member with fuse problem with A140 Classic

    Hello, I am new to this forum, and in fact any forum :) I'm a bit unsure of where to post a question about a problem I have. So I'll write it here and perhaps anyone can steer me in the right place. I have a Mercedes Benz A140 Classic (2003) Petrol, Tiptronic. Fuse 48 had blown, I replaced...
  9. J

    CL500 Electric Problems (Drivers seat, Sunroof)

    Hello there, i am new to this forum, thought it'll be good to pick the brains of the people who know the car well. The issues are, the drivers seat. Basically, i pulled the leaver to let someone in the back, the seat started moving forward, then i pressed on the door card button to pull it...
  10. M

    Center Console Electrics

    I have just purchased a 2002 ML320. The Electric Windows and Door Mirrors are not working. Everything else is working. I have checked both the fuse boards i.e. one under the bonnet and the one on the side panel in the drivers footwell and I cannot find a fuse or relay which is for either of...
  11. L

    Floor illumination lights

    On my E220 (05) the driver's door floor lights fail to light up... I've changed the clear bulb, but still not working I want to try and change the 'red' light, but cannot find anything in my hand book about removing the red cover -feeling worried that if I force it, it may split.. Could...
  12. C

    CLS320 Diesel Auto Comfort windows issue

    Model: CLS320 Body: C219 (I think) Year: 2007 Transmission: Auto Hi Guys. Got a problem. A friend bought a CLS not so long ago. I suspected it had rear end damage, but he loved it so bought it. Immediately after buying it he had it serviced by mercedes. Over the past few months he noticed it...
  13. G

    Music/Sound one minute, then nothing!

    Hi all, I'm the happy recent purchaser of a C230K Coupe 2001, with command sat nav and all the extras... Bought the car on Saturday and during the test drive, had the music blaring nicely from the Bose system. Two days later, I have NOTHING! The command is on and shows the radio or cd...
  14. K

    Instrument Cluster, blown fuse.

    The Cluster 15 amp fuse has blown twice and I don't know how to start looking for a fault. Is it a case of taking my SL320 into a dealer for a full check over, or even a replacement cluster? The only work I have done to my car on the day the fuse first blew, was replacing the front brake pads...
  15. B

    Help needed for c200 cdi problem!!!

    hi guys, i have a problem with my car was wondering if anybody out there could give me a solution please. ok my car is a c200 cdi on a 05 reg. a few days back i started to have a problem with the fuses. each time i went to start the car the fuse would blow the fuse was a 15 amp after blowing 5 i...
  16. M

    fuse 41 location w210

    Hi all, No indicators or hazard lights on 1996 w210 e230. Have fuse list from 99 e220cdi. Says 41 for turn signals. Cant find fuse 41. fuse box under bonnet only goes up to 18. Fuse box beside lights swithes under cover have no numbers at all. Fuse box behind battery under bench seat...

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