Loud knock when turning steering left right fast.


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Hi, I will try to post a video of this..
Having sold my w210 and moved up to the w220 s500. I have enjoyed the car for 2 years with no issues other than the metal brake pipes which I replaced myself.

Having recently replaced a top ball joint /full arm on one side and the steering rack end and track rod on the other, I'm still getting a knocking sound while driving on reasonable bumpy roads at slow speed.
I have checked drop links so it's not them.

If the video uploads, you will hear it.

Otherwise you can find it on the w220 page on Facebook.

Can't upload video. But will try to find another way to show it.


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Do you think it could be that the lower suspension arms have worn bushes?
With the car off it's wheels you should be able to check for play up/down.

Finding a split bush is a nightmare as it isn't always obvious with them in situ.
I wish you good luck.


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Bushes are a goof thing to check, but don't forget the rack itself. I had a car that used to make these noises - turned out that the rack mounts were loose!


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Checked the car all over steering column joint looks new but found a slight bit of play in the right hand drop link where it goes onto the bottom arm.
Have a new arm ordered so will come back and let you know how it goes