1. JuBe

    Allot of play in R129 steering wheel

    Hello to all as the title says, I have some play in my steering wheel, tomorrow I will be under the car making some inspections, but first I wanted to ask here to maybe get some tips So the problem is like, when I'm on a highway I need to turn allot just to get the steering started, so I expect...
  2. A

    2015 C class squeaky steering wheel

    The workshop is asking me to change the whole steering rack which is very expensive and not justified so just checking if anyone knew what this sound is about. Thanks
  3. JackCLK280

    CLK55 squeaky steering wheel

    Hi, I think the rubber pocket that my steering wheel fits into is dry and needs spraying but I have no idea how to get to it. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks Also, how do I get the trim off that surrounds the gear stick without breaking it. Cheers!
  4. Fraiser

    Loud Steering Squeak (Rubber Boot) - W205

    Hi all, First post since owning a number of MB cars, both moderns and classics. My W205 C220 sport has adopted this very annoying squeaking sound in the steering since I purchased from MB dealership. The dealership have returned the car under warranty several times with "no fault found" when...
  5. A

    A220d 2017 - W176 / Auto - Steering lock?

    Hi, I'm pretty new to owning a Mercedes. Currently have an A220d W176. Still getting used to it and familiar with the car. The car has this keyless-go, oddly when I turn off the ignition and open the door the steering wheel does to lock (everything else however turns off, radio etc), previous...
  6. initialbdriftracer

    Loud knock when turning steering left right fast.

    Hi, I will try to post a video of this.. Having sold my w210 and moved up to the w220 s500. I have enjoyed the car for 2 years with no issues other than the metal brake pipes which I replaced myself. Having recently replaced a top ball joint /full arm on one side and the steering rack end and...
  7. M

    Uneven steering feel

    Hi all I have a 69 plate e220d AMG line with 19inch wheel. I purchased the car new back in October. The car was delivered with the steering wheel off centre (quite far to the right). The car was taken back by the dealer and adjusted. The steering was centred but the car was left with a problem...
  8. A

    Squeaky Steering W205 Coupe 2016

    Hey everyone, I’m getting this sound: on both sides on a 20k miles W205 2016 Coupe when turning the wheels and going over bumps at low speeds. Any ideas on what it might be? Cheers!
  9. G

    CLC220 2008 diesel - whining noise

    I have had a whine on my clc220 diesel auto for a week. Gets worse when turning. Not there at all when stationary, nor when revving when stationary. It does change when driving as the engine is moving up through the gears. I thought this was the power steering fluid levels and have today...
  10. S

    2001 A208 juddering at 65-70 MPH

    Recently purchased my first Mercedes and completely love it although there are a few teething problems I have encountered. I first noticed that the car was bouncing at around 65-70mph through the steering wheel. Feels like it's coming from the front wheels. I have taken it to one garage who...
  11. B

    Car safe to drive? Need quick answer

    Hi Previously had a clunk in steering had it looked at and it was a loose pinch bolt on the steering column to rack connection. Issue is back after a couple hundred miles could bolt be loose again? All suspension was checked and cleared. Car booked back in next week However need to make a...
  12. B

    New Steering rack?

    Hi I'm having a problem with my 2010 E class cabrio. The steering makes a clunk when turned to the left. The noise is only there when the engine is first turned on after a couple of min of running it stops doing it. The clunk occurs when the wheel has stopped turning ie if you turn quarter of...
  13. D

    Power Steering fluid top up

    Hi All, Just a quick question in case any one can help before sending it to a garage. I had a wine a few months ago, looking around the forums it became clear that it could be the power steering fluid. So pulled the dipstick out and it was bone dry. went to MB and bought the correct fluid...
  14. mycos

    W221 heavy steering

    Hi I’ve recently purchased a 2006 s320cdi with 40k miles. I believe the SPS is somewhere at fault. From a cold start steering is as it should be, light at low speeds and stiffer as speed increases. After 15mins or so it just stays stiff. I’ve run it through a star check and it identified...
  15. R

    Steering pulling to the left

    Hi I’ve recently purchased a C220 AMG sport plus. When driving down the motor way I’ve noticed it pulls slightly to the left. I asked the guy who I bought I from and he said that it’s not uncommon for rear wheel drive cars to pull slightly to the left or right as the rear wheels a pushing and...
  16. R

    Mercedes W245 B200 Turbo Power Steering Issues

    Hi Gents, 1st things 1st, a very Happy New Year to you all!! Im having an intermittent issue with the B200. Sometimes when idle the power steering seems to make a very strange grinding rattling noise. Sometimes you can see the steering wheel on its own slightly. Now as its intermittent i took...
  17. J

    Whine/drone sound when AC turned on. After several replacement compressors (under warrenty) there is a huge whine/drone sound coming up thru the steering column which can be felt on the steering wheel from idle to around 2000rpm. The video above was taken today. Anyone have any ideas of what could...
  18. T

    Steering problem on second hand R170 SLK....

    I apologise. This is a lengthy one: I bought a 2001 R170 from a dealer in Esssex almost a month ago and have run into problems, I have as yet been unable to sort. A few stone chips and beginning of rust spots on the arches but nowhere near as bad as others I had seen. It has only done 55k and...
  19. R

    Creaky steering! W220 HELP!

    Hi everyone I'm new and know sweet FA about the mechanical side of cars but here is my situation, my dad passed away 2 years ago and left me his 04' S320 and at first I wanted to sell it as I thought it wasn't going to be for me (loved my Toyota Celica) but after driving it, it was like seeing...
  20. E

    R230 creak

    Only makes this noise when at or close to full lock, and it's not always present. Anyone else experienced this? video. Comments, tips, advice, welcomed! Ball joints? Power steering? Some other problem?

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