Major ABC anomaly

Kieran Whoriskey

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Apr 5, 2018
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2001 CL500 W215
Hi folks,

I have a 2001 CL500 and I recently had the red ABC warning light. I took it to Mercedes and they charged an hours labour for diagnostics. They came back to me and said the ABC control module blew up. They even showed me a picture of a burned terminal. They wanted 1500 euro for parts and labour but i decided to change it myself with a second hand unit.

I started by searching sites like this and others to help me find the unit. Everyone says its in the fuse box but when I opened the box it only contained the SAM unit, the transmission control unit and a unit called ESP+PML+BAS but no ABC module. I checked all the connections on all these components and couldnt find the burned terminals. Also I googled the part number of the control module and it didnt match any of the part numbers on my car. I'm baffled. My car id RHD and 2001 model. Could it be in a different location? please help i'm losing my mind!!!



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Jan 18, 2009
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Poole, Dorset
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