Mercedes C220 CDI W203 Lots of error codes


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Jul 8, 2010
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Hey guys.

Back in February i used a garages Snap on machine to read the error codes on my W203.

Here is the plethora of what i got.

Date: 11/02/2014
Vehicle Make: Mercedes
Vehicle Model: C220 CDI
Vehicle Year: 2001
Derivative: W203

Tool Used: Snap On Solus Pro 10.2
Vehicle ID as: 2001 MB 203.006 (C-Series)
2.2 CDI L-L4 - 611.962

The red ones are the ones i havent dealt with or understood
After Reset
Code - Description
B15A8 - Component M2/15 (Left and right foot well flaps actuator is stiff or blocked
B1598 - Component M2/16 (Left and right right defroster flaps actuator is stiff or blocked
B1498 - Component M2/16 (Left and right right defroster flaps actuator) Important note:after successfully aligning the actuator motor, the fault can be ignored and erased.
P2315 - CAN Communication A1 (Instrument Cluster) Faulty
B1003 - Voltage Supply: Too Low
C1140 - Steering Angle Sensor - N49
B1010 - N69/1 (Passengers front door / Control Unit). The supply voltage of the control unitis too low.(Under voltage)
B1652 - Fault in CAN communication with control unit DCM-RL
B1024 - Driver Airbag Ignition Squib/1 R12/13 Ignition Circuit Resistance Value Wrong
P1481 - Glow Plug Failure Cylinder 2
P1481 - Glow Plug Failure Cylinder 3

Before reset
Code - Description
P2600 - Circuit 87 Voltage Too Low
P2316 - CAN Communication A1 (Instrument Cluster) Faulty
P2404 - CAN Signal S9/1 or Trair Charge Temperature (ACT) System Implausible
P2314 - CAN Communication N73 (Electronic Ignition System Module) Faulty
P1664 - Electronic Heater Booster Generator Load Signal is Implausible
P1520 - S50/4 CC Switch With Variable Speed Limiter Negative Accelerator Threshold
P0703 - Brake Signal Plausibility 2

There seems to be a low voltage errors, could this be caused by a slowly failing aged battery?

p.s. Televisions profile says Banned - is he really banned
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Feb 4, 2009
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looking at the codes, i would say a large number of them are due to low voltage either from a poor battery or the car not keeping the battery topped up (charge rate or very short trips etc)

also the heater flaps may have the linkage issue that needs sorted, and if this is the case, there will be a clicking sound when you first switch the ignition on when you get into the car, a click every 5-10 seconds for about a minute or so

and Television's profile doesnt say he is banned on my screen!

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