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    Transmission Error Code RPM Sensor 3

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows what the issue is with my transmission. For the last year I have been experiencing a little jolt now and then in the gear shifts and not being able to change to sports mode whilst this would happen and the car would Rev higher than normal, normally this would...
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    error code p000277

    I have an error code on my c250 cgi 1.8t, it is a p000277 'the commanded position cannot be reached' has a malfunction. the engine cut out twice in two different occasions, but the second time caused a management light.
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    My new W212 E250 CGI error codes

    Hi all, Can anybody shed some light on the following fault codes I found on my w212 e250 cgi, 2013? I used an icarsoft i980 and can’t seem to find any info online :-( P06da00 Motor electronics SIM271DE20 for combustion engine (M271E) 333530 Electronic ignition lock (N73) 363830 Left...
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    Help on error code P01006 - Sensor 1 Has A Malfunction Algorithm Fault

    Hi, hope I'm posting in the right place, first time, so Hi:) Can anyone help me diagnose an issue I'm having with my 2013 C220 > :) Driving home I noticed my car had no power beyond the 3000rpm range. The engine light was also on. I noticed that the intake intercooler pipe was split (driver...
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    Mercedes C220 CDI W203 Lots of error codes

    Hey guys. Back in February i used a garages Snap on machine to read the error codes on my W203. Here is the plethora of what i got. Date: 11/02/2014 Vehicle Make: Mercedes Vehicle Model: C220 CDI Vehicle Year: 2001 Derivative: W203 Tool Used: Snap On Solus Pro 10.2 Vehicle ID as: 2001 MB...
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    Merc R-Class Problem. P0016/P0017

    I bought a s/h one last year. 2006, 4x4, 6 seats, R350SE A, 60k miles, mainly to avoid taking two cars on family outings. Replacing my beautiful 2003 S-Class. It is big and wide. Very comfortable, quiet smooth ride, lots of room inside, miles just glide by on the motorway. Could have done...

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