Mercedes e220 cdi have to rev when cold but runs fine when hot


May 25, 2020
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Mercedes 2001 e220 cdi om611
Hey Mercedes-Benz lovers!

So i got this odd problem with my little brothers mercedes e220 om611, and i wanna help him fix it..

The problem is that it fires straight up but it just dies if we dont rev it to like 2000 rpm to not make it die... but once it hits 40 ‘C i dont have to keep reving it and runs ok, not a speed machine but i have been carefull when driving

We have tried to clean egr and changed injectors to some who worked fine on another e220(scap jard)...

We got these fault codes after deleting all of those who were there before we tried to start again and see...

P1664 - electronic heater booster

P0703 brake signal

P1222 pedal value sensor

But i dont see the reason any of these can make this problem...

maybe someone here has experieced the same?

After we cleaned egr it did not start, maybe we pushed some exhaustdirt:)P) down the intake... we have taken it off for clean and flaps delete now.. but i work at sea for another week so i wanted to hear with you guys...

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