1. H


    I am based in the UK and the weather has changed dramatically over the past week. I purchased a 2005 model S320cdi Mercedes S class for my daily highway commute. (80 miles) This is a well looked after example only done 80k miles and I bought her 3 months ago and has been a fantastic car to drive...
  2. pmnunes

    OM639 Fuel System Nightmare

    Afternoon gentlemen, Bought a car to fix it up, came with some problems i fixed them all except this fuel issue. The car fuel economy is very low. When going uphill or merging highway it turns off. Basically any situation that you need to accelerate its a problem. The codes are 2634; 2637...
  3. MattyH

    Non-starting W202 diesel

    As of yesterday, the diesel preheat/glowplugs light (is this the right terminology?) is ceased to come on when I put the key in the ignition of my 1996 250D W202 automatic and turn it to the first click. Nor will the engine fire when starter motor is swung Battery is strong and engine turns...
  4. Janchee

    Golf 1.6 TDI Metallic rattle and Reverse click

    Hi all my fellow geniuses I recently bought a golf 1.6 Tdi 2014 with 60k miles on it. Two initial issues: 1. Metallic rattle from the engine bay. I know diesels are noisy, but this seems to be something different. Also hear the golf blow quite loud at 1800rpm. No faults stored. After...
  5. Mizdavilly

    W168 start error

    Hi everyone. I have a mercedes benz A class w168 and I had it for years and nothing wrong with it , the other day while I was starting it up it the engine revolved slowly as of it was a cold start it moved but when I tried to start it again it showed start error massage. What I have done so far...
  6. A

    Intro Thread: My Classic Mercedes in a car show

    Greetings all, I normally have introduced my vehicles via text but my W123 300d was recently featured in a Classic car show on Youtube called "New vs. Old". It has a unique spec for a saloon with factory equipped self leveling suspension, aircon, sunroof and under chassis armour, and was...
  7. B


    Hi guys, I have an A class, a200. It's been fine then today just joining the m4 a load of lights on the dash came on, abs, (P) brake warning, and a few others. (See attached pic). Even affects the power steering. Any advice much welcome.
  8. J

    Vito 2.1 13 plate fuel problems

    Cant seem to fill my van up with diesel as the pump clicks every 3 seconds? I took it into a garage they told me it was clean inside of the funnel neck any suggestions please? also I’m not sure if this is cause of the same reason when I drive up steep hills on the motor way my van sometimes...
  9. motocod

    E270 W211 Diesel fuel filter - prime with diesel?

    Hi Folks, I've got a new diesel filter to go on my E270 - is it essential that I prime it with fuel before starting the car? Thanks in advance!
  10. B

    Hi all..

    Recently bought a 2005 W203 C220 diesel estate. Have registered to learn how others get on with their "Daimlers" Quite a pleasant driving experience for an old car, showing how well they were built originally...
  11. N

    The reliability of the A180 2015

    hi guys, I am looking to buy a: Mercedes A180, Manual, 2015, Diesel, 66,112 miles. I am wondering about the reliability of these models for that year. In a article: https://www.whatcar.com/mercedes-benz/a-class/hatchback/used-review/n965/advice, the 2015 models are known for camshaft failures...
  12. T

    Mercedes e220 cdi have to rev when cold but runs fine when hot

    Hey Mercedes-Benz lovers! So i got this odd problem with my little brothers mercedes e220 om611, and i wanna help him fix it.. The problem is that it fires straight up but it just dies if we dont rev it to like 2000 rpm to not make it die... but once it hits 40 ‘C i dont have to keep reving...
  13. J

    R320 crank no start no error code

    Hi and thanks for all I have learned on this site already. I have read other posts about similar issues, and am now looking for advice on which way first. Okay, so I have an 08 R320 CDI that has 126000 miles and will absolutely not start unless I give it a tiny amount of starting fluid (a bad...
  14. Mazin Bayoumi


    Hi, i'm a bit dumbfounded!! My W204 C320 cdi sport started "misfiring" at around 2000 revs when driving in auto mode. It was OK up to 2000 and over 2500 revs. I took it to a garage, they plugged it in and it showed no fault codes. They checked the injectors and "calibrated", cleaned the egr...
  15. T

    Which E class

    Hi everybody! Hopefully somebody can give me some good ideas what to do here; I'm purchasing a car and parented by a mechanic a Mercedes is the only option. Things narrowed to a diesel E class 2009. to 2014. I have literally seen every single one of the E classes in a 0 to 6500 pounds price...
  16. A

    Mobil 1 0W-40 Oil?

    Greetings everyone, I have a question regarding motor oil. I have a Mercedes-Benz C220 (W203) year 2001, Diesel, Automatic and it has 296,000 km (mileage) - I searched on Mobil1 official web site and used their search criteria based on my car's information and the site recommended 0W-40 Mobil 1...
  17. E

    S320 CDI 2007 ABS / ESP FAULT !!

    hi guys, im struggling with my car. I got some crazy problems with my mercedes. Please if any one can help! I turned my car on and comes up with an esp/ abs fault. I put into D and tried to drive but it was as if it was dieing hardly moving, tried to put it into P but it did not go into P only...
  18. O

    Mercedes gl420 blown head gasket

    Hi everyone, I'm new here . I wonder if anyone suggests me a good reasonable garage in Hertfordshire . Unfortunately I need to get my gl420 a new head gasket !! If any of you had the same issue before suggestions are welcome
  19. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes C250 CDI W205 Stage 1 remapping

    Customer came in bright and early Saturday just gone. Had driven from Southampton over to us in Essex. A little different with this 250 CDI being a 2016 they had an ECU revision and instead of the slightly older Delphi CRD3xx platform was the newer Delphi CRD3P.D1 which now has a Tricore...
  20. T

    Just bought my 6th Benz...

    My newest vehicle is a 2005 E320 CDI with 145 k miles. Bought it in Raleigh, NC and drove it home to Tucson, AZ. This is my 3rd diesel and I'm excited to see how long this one can serve me! Tucson320CDI

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