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Jun 17, 2013
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C Class C250 AMG
Hi, New to this.
where do i start, I recently bought a Mercedes A class a160 diesel as a first car... But some minors which are stressing me out as i like everything to be perfect..
The windscreen wipers water pump is not working ( not letting our water )
What needs replaced or fixed and how much am i looking at. i came across some water pumps on ebay but not sure if its the model i need or they all the same for all mercs? ( £10 quid on ebay ) could it be the fuse?

Secondly the display on the dashboard seems to be fading, At times during the day it just about can be seen and at times not at all.
what could be the problem and how much will i be looking to to spend to fix it?

Thank you Guys Julio

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