Parts ( service items ) for my 280SE 1971


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Jan 11, 2009
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W108 1970 2.8ltr
Hmmm coming from a classic Porsche world I have found a lack of parts for my new toy. I wish now I had kicked the CCard when I was in the US and filled the car up with Merc spares for the car..

So where can I get decent priced part for this car. I called a main dealer in the Poole and was asked for a a chassis number for a Fuel/air and oil filter I didn't have this to hand, resulting in the phone going down and grunt from my self...

I followed a few more calls up for other parts I managed to get the last ever right and left hand thread tie rod ends from G&S and the last Rear caliper ( ate ) from KS some thing or other in Brum..

So where does one get their Merc parts for classic cars? do I have buy from the US like I do my Porsche parts...???

also any one know the oil I need for a 2.8ltr straight 6 280SE ????

thank you in advance :cool:

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