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Oct 14, 2009
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Hi Everyone.

Hi Everyone.

This is my second post here so may I continue with a thank you to everyone who contributes for the benefit of people like me who have everything to learn.

I have a high mileage, W203 C200 Kompressor Saloon. It's on a 51 plate and I bought it used from Mercedes Exeter about three and a half years ago. I can't remember what exactly was on the clock when I bought the car, but I've put a lot of miles on it looking for a house in France and travelling back and forth between Holland and home in the South of France. It has 320K Kms on the clock now, just over 200K Miles.

This car was a bit on the bouncy side and was delivered with a few suspension issues sorted by MB in warranty.

Since, I've just had new springs and dampers all round but noised persist. I have clatter from the front when braking and thuds over bumps. The back creaks like the doors in a hammer horror film over slow bumps and when getting out of the car.

My question is, what's my parts shopping list look like to sort these problems, is it an average DIY job, and do I need to have tracking set up after I dive in and, hopefully fix it?

Thank you. I have questions in the Engine section too and have posted there.



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Mar 14, 2005
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Mark you have the drop links 50 in the link and the roll bar rubbers 20 this is on the front, these can all cause knocking sounds.

On the rear you have the same


The fault could also be the bottom swivels on the end of 140 in the link. Best checked by levering with an iron bar for any play

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