1. Rosst94

    Lowered suspension

    Does anyone know what springs would be best to lower my s204 c220 amg sport plus? Don’t want anything to stiff or to low
  2. D

    Bumps and suspension

    Hi I am new to this forum and I’ve had my Mercedes for nearly 3 years. Thank you for accepting me into the forum. The issue I’m having at the moment is that I am feeling every single pothole and bump in the road and I feel like it is damaging the wheels and the tyres. I have been advised by my...
  3. T

    Front axle control arms - which ones to replace?

    Hi all The front wheels of my CLK have some play so it seems the control arms on both sides need replacing. I looked on ECP and apparently there are two control arms for each front wheel, e.g. "front axle left front" and "front axle left rear". I believe I need new "front-facing" arms since...
  4. T

    Suspension replacement on CLK A209

    Hello all I took my CLK for a wheel alignment yesterday, but was told the alignment is out of whack because of bad shocks (apparently passenger side is sagging so the toe/camber are all a mess). The alignment shop chap recommended me to replace all four shocks. After a day of internet trawl I...
  5. Janchee

    S213 Creak/Clunk from Rear (Accelerating/Bumps)

    Hi all, Hoping to get some advice for a recent issue that's popped it's head. When I accelerate or go over speed bumps, I get a medium creak from the rear of the estate. It sounds like it is coming from the Offside Rear. It's not all the time, but it is appearing more and more. I've just had...
  6. A

    Vibration after 65mph

    Hello guys so I have a 2011 Mercedes c300 4matic and the car vibrates when I reach 60-65mph and stayes to a higher speed.. sometimes the car does not vibrates at all Mostly feels like the vibration comes from the rear end but also sometimes feels like the whole car vibrates - I have to mention...
  7. N

    Mercedes E350 CDI 2010 Starting, Temperature issues.

    Hi All, I've been having a few issues with my recently purchased 2010 e350 coupe OM642.83 (93k miles). No codes showing. 1) The car struggles to start on first cold start but then remains fine for the rest of the day. Glow plug lights go off straight away as they should, and both plugs and...
  8. Janchee

    S213 Control Arm Bushings

    Hi all, S213 E220d Estate and the car feels a bit strange. Vibration in steering wheel, click in steering when I turn after I brake, creaking suspension (hear in drive through), car doesn’t feel planted. Some slight brake judder. Mercedes dealer said control arm bushes squeaking but...
  9. K

    Exploding Air Suspension - w219

    Iv had the car for a few days, and after getting some repair work. Sports mode, sport 2 suspension, ESC Off I did some “ Aggressive “ driving. After a 45 min blast, I sit in the car parked off. Boom 1, air suspension front right collapsed ( new strut ) 10 mins later Boom 2, rear...
  10. C

    Front suspension squeaking on 2017 C Class

    Hi all just back from a driving holiday to Europe where the front driver's side suspension on my 2017 C class started to squeak progressively more and more as we drove and the weather got hotter - so much so that could hear it on roundabouts, over speed bumps etc. Was concerned may be a safety...
  11. K

    Suspension failure but then suspension rising message

    Hi, I have a c350e (2017), just out of warranty. The last two days I had suspension failure notifications pop and saying car too low. Yesterday was amber and I stopped and saw the rear end was low but once I got back in the car it then said “suspension rising” and then the notification went. The...
  12. Neptuno

    W205 C200 Sport: Soften up the hard ride?

    W205 C200 Sport. 2015 (32,660 miles). Since my wife has had a spinal operation she finds that the ride is too hard. Is it possible to soften it up by replacing springs and shocks, one or both? Has anyone had any experience in this? Thanks in hopeful anticipation, Dave
  13. C

    A class tyre wear

    Hi I’ve got an a200 amg 2015 plate. I bought it around May from a private seller. I had two new tyres put on and the tracking done. Also two suspension parts. Tyres were nearly bald on the outside. 2 Pirelli tyres and 4 wheel alignment. The car is still making a creaking noise when driving. Is...
  14. Lee Edwards

    Gle350d 2016 airmatic

    Hi, new to club . I have a Gle 350d p+ 2016 . Airmatic 23k miles Please can someone direct me to a post regarding my problem. I have read many threads and can’t find anything. The airmatic has malfunction. No leak, not sagging, level . Not fuse or relay. Normal first thing in comfort, until...
  15. A

    Squeaky Steering W205 Coupe 2016

    Hey everyone, I’m getting this sound: on both sides on a 20k miles W205 2016 Coupe when turning the wheels and going over bumps at low speeds. Any ideas on what it might be? Cheers!
  16. W

    Rear Suspension Torque Settings: SLK R170 3.2 V6

    I am about to rebuild the rear suspension on a 2002 SLK R170, 3.2 V6. Replacing the suspension arms and rear springs. Haynes do not do a manual for this model. Does anyone know the various torque settings for this rebuild? Thanks
  17. S

    w212 s212 Rear Air Suspension. A WARNING!!

    Having recently had a slow leak necessitating the replacement of a rear air spring on my car (and finding it an incredibly easy job, it's described elsewhere but with two people you don't even need to remove the shock top mount making it a 15 minute job) I found some springs at just over £60...
  18. L

    S211 Thrust arm replacement.

    Hi there I need new lower, forward thrust arms for my 2007 E280 touring (S211). I had a meyle lower ball joint added to the passenger side front last year which seems ok. Now, my mechanic is telling me that drivers side thrust arm is shot. I have been researching thrust arms (also called...
  19. B

    Suspension/cornering problem. Ball joints gone again?

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, so firstly, hello! My E220 cdi avantgarde Estate has a squeaking noise from the front sides (near the wheels) when I corner, and it corners less well than usual. I had both front arms and ball joints replaced in Feb of this year, which did relieve...
  20. D

    Tandem Pump

    Hi. Am currently replacing the seals & O rings on my ABC tandem pump. Have taken one of the 7 Allen bolts out that hold the spring & piston in. The bolts thread has broken in two for some reason. The other six bolts are fine. Does anyone know if the bolt cap can be purchased individually?

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