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W205 Estate Boot Cover Rail

Discussion in 'Bodywork, Tyres, Wheels & Trim' started by Himanshu Agarwal, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Himanshu Agarwal

    Himanshu Agarwal New Registration

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    Jun 4, 2020
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am sure I am not the first one asking for this, but my 2017 C200D Estate's bootload cover assembly is not working on the left side.
    I went to a nearby MB garage to claim for the extended guarantee, but they conveniently refused even to analyze (asking 300 bucks for the analysis) and give me the faulty part number because anything related to the boot is excluded from the extended warranty.
    I would like to change the part myself, but I am unable to find any instructions or diagrams, has someone already done this by themselves?
    Searching through forums, I found that the part number of the rail is likely A21181003277D43, is it possible to validate if this part is compatible with my car?

    Any information will be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Srdl

    Srdl Senior Member

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    Oct 8, 2015
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    GLC43 AMG 2018 (X253) Premium Plus
    You might be able to find the part number on this website

    The A211... suggests this is for an old model E Class, yours will probably be A205.... but they could possibly be shared parts.

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