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  1. Celso Hernandez

    C220 W205, issues when I try to play music from the phone

    Hello guys, I have a C220 BLUETEC w205 2015. Im trying to connect my phone to the car so that I can listen to Spotify there. When I connect the phone via bluetooth I can make phone calls through the car and it works wonders. But for me to play media it hasn't worked so far. I don't know if im...
  2. A

    2015 C class squeaky steering wheel

    The workshop is asking me to change the whole steering rack which is very expensive and not justified so just checking if anyone knew what this sound is about. Thanks
  3. M

    C300e or c300dh

    I’ve tried researching but honestly can’t find any main difference between the c300dh and the c300e other than one being a diesel and other petrol. the car will mainly be used for local runs, but will also have the occasional long journey. Around 8k miles a year approx. Which one would you...
  4. R

    C Class W203 type 203046 Wing Mirror part number

    I am trying to source the N/S (passenger side) wing mirror mechanism on my 2004 C Class w203. I obtained one from an overseas supplier but although it stated that it was for the W203 2000-2004 it was incorrect. The supplied version stated "with memory", and had the number 41-3133-401. Can this...
  5. H

    W205 Estate Boot Cover Rail

    Hi Everyone, I am sure I am not the first one asking for this, but my 2017 C200D Estate's bootload cover assembly is not working on the left side. I went to a nearby MB garage to claim for the extended guarantee, but they conveniently refused even to analyze (asking 300 bucks for the analysis)...
  6. B

    Panoramic sun roof

    Hi all new here I have a 2015 c class the sun roof motor is grinding/clicking I have had the motor off with great difficulty and when away from the sunroof it runs perfect and the gears don’t look bad I can manually open it with Allen key and when it gets past the tilt the motor pulls it back...
  7. D

    Mercedes c class w204 dual-zone climate control

    Hi guys, so I’ve seen a few people with the w204 c class have replaced the dual zone climate control panel with the dials to the digital one from the E class. I have finally managed to get hold of the E class control unit and know that it is a straight swap plug and play. However, I don’t have...
  8. M

    Mercedes C Class AMG Line Wheels

    Hi All, I am likely going to be purchasing a Mercedes C Class C200d AMG Line within the next week, however I would be looking to change its alloys from the 5 point star type, to the 14 point turbine style. The current alloys are 18" and the majority of the alloys that I have found in the...
  9. G

    Apple CarPlay Adapter for 2016 C250d Coupe?

    Hi, I have a 2016 Mercedes C Class Coupe but it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay. I’ve managed to find an adapter for every Mercedes model apart from mine. What is the NTG version in my car as I’m also getting different answers on different websites. The car was first registered in June 2016. Any...
  10. M

    What is this reservoir for.

    Im trying to fill up the engine coolant on my sister c220d w205 model. However there are 2 reservoirs with the coolant label on them. If you are looking at the engine there is one of the left and it's black. There is also one on the right and you can see inside it but it's smaller than the one...
  11. P

    Smart key not working C class

    Hello there I have a problem with a Mercedes c class 220 cdi smart key, it will. Not unlock the steering to start the car, the batteries have been replaced in the remote, I don't know if it the remote central locking was working before the batteries were changed but it certainly doesn't now, any...
  12. S

    C Class soft close boot

    Hi, I’ve a c-class and the soft close mechanism on the boot has stopped working. When you press the button the boot closes down but doesn’t latch. You can manually close the it and it will latch. Any ideas as to what maybe wrong? Thanks
  13. K

    2013 C Class Estate boot liner/tub

    Hi all, I am the proud new owner of a 2013 C250 CDI AMG Sport + estate, and I'm currently looking into getting a boot liner or tub to ensure the two pups don't ruin the boot.. Does anyone have any experience of buying boot liners or tubs, or can anyone recommend any particular sellers? Thanks...
  14. J

    Are there any major differences between a 2010 or a 2013 AMG C63??

    Hey guys, So I’m about to sell my Cayman S and purchase a way more sensible C63! I’m probably going to go for the estate rather than the saloon, but I’m not 100% on this yet, any advice on any issues with estate etc would be appreciated. My main question is I’ve got around £18-£20k to spend...
  15. G

    How do I remove front plate holder? (W205)

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe. The front number plate holder has dented where someone has reversed into the front of my car so I need to replace it. I’ve taken the plate off, removed the screws in the plate holder, but it still won’t remove. I’ve unclipped the parts at the bottom that clip into...
  16. G

    C Class 204 Facelift cornering bulbs not working.

    I had a message on my dash saying my right cornering light had stopped working, which it had. I got some h7 5000K halogen bulbs and replaced both the left and right bulb. The error message has disappeared but now neither cornering light seems to work and I was wondering why this is? I read...
  17. G

    Turbo gone but no smoke or limp mode

    I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class AMG Coupe. It has 70000 miles on it. It’s petrol and the transmission is manual. The engine has been remapped. I was driving home and I did get my car to quite a high rpm in second gear to accelerate and suddenly I hear a hiss noise (like a balloon coming off a...
  18. I

    What to buy ?

    On the look out for a C class............ Past Mercs have been W114 280ce (REALLY should have kept that), W124 280 coupe, number of W123 estates. Have been BMW for the last 12 years (E39 535 and presently 540 Sport Touring). Now looking for C class, under £2000, petrol, must be estate (for...
  19. AnthonyUK

    Does anyone know what type of wheels these are please?

    I’ve bought a set of alloys to use while mine are being refurbished. They are from a breakers and were described as from a C class. The first image is one I found new but no name and the second is one of the actual ones I bought.
  20. R

    Need HELP with Whirring noise at low revs (C250 CDI W204)

    Hi Guys, First time posting in a forum ever, so apologies if any of my forum etiquette is rusty! Basically I'm having a complete nightmare with my 2011 C250 CDI (automatic & 60,000 miles on the clock) and I cannot get to the bottom of the problem. As the title says, I'm experiencing a...

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