1. B

    Hi all..

    Recently bought a 2005 W203 C220 diesel estate. Have registered to learn how others get on with their "Daimlers" Quite a pleasant driving experience for an old car, showing how well they were built originally...
  2. Külf

    Hi all!

    Hi everyone, I've been reading various articles here for quite a while to give myself the inside track, and as a result I am now the proud owner of a 2007 S203 1.8 Kompressor classic with 99k on the clock. Saved this car from my boss, who bought it soully to take his giant (and very muddy)...
  3. R

    2017 C220 Premium plus Sport or AMG

    New here, but just looking to purchase my first MB! I've found a 2017 C220 Premium Sport in Grey, with 38k on the clock which looks good. I've also seen a few AMG models around but just wondered what peoples thoughts were between the Sport and AMG. Also has anyone got a Premium Plus model -...
  4. H

    W205 Estate Boot Cover Rail

    Hi Everyone, I am sure I am not the first one asking for this, but my 2017 C200D Estate's bootload cover assembly is not working on the left side. I went to a nearby MB garage to claim for the extended guarantee, but they conveniently refused even to analyze (asking 300 bucks for the analysis)...
  5. Janchee

    S213 wheel shake

    All, I hope you can help with what might be the culprit of a very annoying problem. When I drive the E220d estate (2016 plate), I can feel a very slight steering wheel shake/vibration. I've had it in a couple of garages, and no one can seem to find the fault. They say they've tested the bushes...
  6. S

    W204 c-class Hand brake fully depressed to floor

    Need some help people. W204 has the hand break peddle for right to the flow and now won’t come back up ! Any ideas ?
  7. Janchee

    W213 Brake Judder

    Hi all, Drove to Bristol today ( 380 mile round trip ) and I've noticed a severe judder of the steering wheel under braking. Googling the problem has opened my eyes. I've seen that a large majority of W213 owners are suffering from this problem. Car is just 4 months out-of-warranty. Only 34k...
  8. Janchee

    Passenger puddle light not working (under mirror)

    Hi all, Picked up a second hand E class estate couple of months back (W213, estate, 220D, Reg: Sep 16) and have noticed that the passenger puddle light isn’t working. All lights on the door are still working ie bottom of door, ambient lighting, indicator light etc. Drivers side puddle light...
  9. H

    Cla220d sporadic acceleration issue

    Hey! Had a CLA220d 2018 for a few months now, but been having this strange issue randomly since ownership. Issue: Occasional acceleration issue where the car feels as if it can't disengage gear/stops accelerating. Seems to trigger if accelerating hard after driving at a consistent speed for a...
  10. K

    2013 C Class Estate boot liner/tub

    Hi all, I am the proud new owner of a 2013 C250 CDI AMG Sport + estate, and I'm currently looking into getting a boot liner or tub to ensure the two pups don't ruin the boot.. Does anyone have any experience of buying boot liners or tubs, or can anyone recommend any particular sellers? Thanks...
  11. M

    C Class W204 Advice

    Having owned an e280 W210 for the best part of 18 years until it died, I'm now after a c class and would like some advice please? I'm toying with the idea of an Estate (no children/pets), but the occasional ladder, wood and ikea furniture. I note the W204 estate is about the same length as the...
  12. W

    Tuning a C350 Sport Ed125 Cdi

    Hi guys, I want some advice on tuning my new Mercedes which I love, I have been looking into the simple remap or a tuning chip. These apparently can get the car to around 310bhp.. Is there anything else on top of this that can be done which isn't too costly which can give me some good...
  13. MRAF

    New Merc Owner (E220 Estate) - Looking for any gottchas or things to look out for

    Hello all, I've just bought a Merc (my 1st dip into this Brand). I have very little knowledge to go on so I was hoping for any top tips for me to keep my eye out for on my E22o Estate. I've just got a E220 (S212) AMG Night Edition BLUETEC 2.2, with 8k on the clock on a 16 plate. What goes...
  14. Nick Richardson

    Hi, thanks for adding me to the forum..

    Hi, I have been a mercedes owner for many years. Currently driving an E300 Hybrid Estate, a model which I note is now discontinued. Wonderful for long trips, especially as I don't have to refill the tank that often.......Bliss!
  15. R

    W124 Japan Import

    Hi I have wanted a W124 estate for a while and have just come across one which is my preferred spec. It is a 1994 E280 and it is through who import the (supposedly very good condition) Mercedes from Japan and service/mot/waxoyl/swap over speedo if nessessary/ UK...
  16. D

    W124 200T Camshaft Sprocket

    Hello Everybody! I'm a long-time admirer but a first-time owner of a W124 200T estate. I bought her a few months ago - unfortunately the misfire I was told was to do with the carburettor, turned out to be down to low compression. I and a mechanic friend have diagnosed a sticky or leaky...
  17. A

    Winter Tyres E220 Estate

    Hi All, I got an E220 Estate a couple of month ago, and I wanted to buy tyres on blackcircle, although each time put my plates in I m offered with 245/45r 17 w 95 , while the ones (summer) I currently have are 225/50 r17 94y and I was wondering A) are those the original one ? B) any...
  18. A

    Estate Grip

    Hi All, I have been looking at buying an estate (E220 or CLS) in second hand, I am however wonder of the grip of the Mercedes on rainy and slippery roads and on snow. I drive often between Glasgow and Dundee and winter is coming ! Hence I am wondering if any of you had experience with...
  19. C

    Buying a W211 Estate

    So ladies and gents, as some of you may know I have decided to chop the X Trail in against a W211 estate and have spent the last few weeks looking. Been to see two, both lemons with major SBC problems. I have two lined up to see tomorrow so hands off those on Leics! Anyway, I've found this...
  20. Z

    Advice on buying an estate Merc

    Hello I have been looking at a c220 Cdi 2007 with 80k miles, automatic Price £5.5k Looks very tidy and well looked after. (Is the price about right?) Haven't had mercs in the past onle BMW but they where always newish. Anything I should be aware off? Does Black Death apply to...
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