1. mark.s

    Vehicle 350 SL (R107) 1973, 94,000 MILEAGE

    MERCEDES-BENZ 350 SL (R107) CONVERTIBLE, 1973, 94,000 MILEAGE Gold interior and exterior, MOT November 2021, Good Condition. Garaged in North Wales. Many Documents to validate mileage and owned since 2002. Offers over £15k Contact Frank on 07770535309
  2. J

    buying an SL 107 - am i setting myself up for a world of pain?

    Hi all, So, I'm a newbie here and hoping for a few helpers before I get too involved. I'm looking into getting a later 80's SL (107) and was hoping to be able to do so for c.£10k. Don't mind spending more if I have to get a decent one(?)... I'm in my mid 30's and live in SW London and...
  3. R

    107 ticking behind glove box

    Hi, I've got an odd ticking noise coming from behind the glove box from my 1988 300 SL. It starts when I press the brake, open a door or open the boot. It ticks for the same amount of time each time (around 7 secs) and then stops. Sounds a bit like a relay. It then stops and it...
  4. 1

    Putting hardtop back on SL 280 107

    I have tried to put the hardtop back on for the first time and am not sure its on properly. The passenger side rear side catch seems to be missing a washer. It is very secure annd not going anywhere, but there is a good 4mm gap around the rear sectiion. Is this the way it should be?? Tried many...

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