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    R107 350 SLC - no signal going to the fuel pump relay

    Hi Guys I've got a 350 SLC manual that's a non starter. I put direct power onto the fuel pump and it runs 100%. I checked through the relays and found the fuel pump relay. Swopped the relay with another to test and no joy. I then bridged the relay so direct power from 12v goes directly to the...
  2. J

    buying an SL 107 - am i setting myself up for a world of pain?

    Hi all, So, I'm a newbie here and hoping for a few helpers before I get too involved. I'm looking into getting a later 80's SL (107) and was hoping to be able to do so for c.£10k. Don't mind spending more if I have to get a decent one(?)... I'm in my mid 30's and live in SW London and...
  3. R

    107 ticking behind glove box

    Hi, I've got an odd ticking noise coming from behind the glove box from my 1988 300 SL. It starts when I press the brake, open a door or open the boot. It ticks for the same amount of time each time (around 7 secs) and then stops. Sounds a bit like a relay. It then stops and it...
  4. 1

    Putting hardtop back on SL 280 107

    I have tried to put the hardtop back on for the first time and am not sure its on properly. The passenger side rear side catch seems to be missing a washer. It is very secure annd not going anywhere, but there is a good 4mm gap around the rear sectiion. Is this the way it should be?? Tried many...

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