107 ticking behind glove box



I've got an odd ticking noise coming from behind the glove box from my 1988 300 SL.

It starts when I press the brake, open a door or open the boot.

It ticks for the same amount of time each time (around 7 secs) and then stops. Sounds a bit like a relay. It then stops and it doesn't start ticking again until I re-press the brake or open a door etc.

I've got the glove box out and the ticking seems to be coming from a box (control box?) about 8cm wide, 5cm deep and 2 cm tall, there seem to be cable connectors plugged into odd.

Even more oddly, when I first bought the car (about 2 years ago) it had this problem. After about 6 months the ticking stopped completely and it wasn't a problem for the next 6 months. But now it's back and has been for about 12 months.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks :)


I just checked it today - the ticking last more like 30 secs (not 7 as in my original post)