1. M

    Loud ticking / tapping noise once engine is turned off

    Hoping someone can help with the following issue I’ve noticed with a used automatic C Class coupe 2012 I’ve recently purchased. The car makes a loud ticking / tapping noise once it’s parked after having been driven and the engine is turned off. It goes on for 10+ minutes - I haven’t waited to...
  2. J

    W212 E250 Rattle noise in park

    Hi all I have a strange rattle/fast ticking noise somewhere in the engine bay when I take my car out of Gear (D) then into park (P). The ticking slowly reduces in 10 seconds and then is unnoticeable and continues to run normally again (Diesel engine noise) have any idea what it could be? cheers.
  3. Mark Hart

    Help with noise from front of engine M113 5.0 V8

    Hi guys, Looking for some advise on where to start looking for an unusual noise coming from the front of the engine. My car is a 2004 CLK500. Background to this is about 6 months ago I did an overhaul of the cooling system as preventive maintenance (since the previous owner didn’t seem to...
  4. L

    Persistent ticking noise

    Hi everyone, newbie here :D For the past while I've been experiencing a light ticking noise whenever I let my car idle. I have found that pushing on either the brake or clutch pedals slightly causes the ticking to stop, but I really don't want to have to keep doing that for ever just to keep...
  5. W

    Loud ticking under partial load. w210 320 cdi inc VIDEO

    Hi folks. I've been lurking on this forum many times and now I find myself needing a bit of help. I love Mercedes and especially the w210 of which I own two. A 2000 and a 2001. My problem is with my 2001 E320 Cdi. I noticed today that it seems to have this ticking sound, I have never...
  6. R

    107 ticking behind glove box

    Hi, I've got an odd ticking noise coming from behind the glove box from my 1988 300 SL. It starts when I press the brake, open a door or open the boot. It ticks for the same amount of time each time (around 7 secs) and then stops. Sounds a bit like a relay. It then stops and it...
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