1. Pipemaster

    R129 No accelerator after very flat battery. car runs

    After leaving the battery to go very flat I recovered it with Genius intelligent battery charger. The car starts but there is no throttle response at all and the BAS light is on. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. J

    R129 soft tip rubber part

    Hi folks My soft top is missing an end cap on one side of a roof cross brace. Can anyone help ID the part for me? Thank in advance. Jon
  3. J

    129 / 124 dilemma

    I am currently pondering and thought I would throw out my internal debate to folks who can help. Bit of background for anyone willing to spare 5 minutes: Three and a half years ago I bought a 1991 SL300-24 for my semi-retirement. I know lots of people claim only a V8 will do, but the extra...
  4. J

    R129 mpg

    My usual motoring is short blasts around the A roads of rural Gloucestershire, but yesterday I went up to York, then back today. Mostly motorway at an indicated 70-80, a couple of long 50-limit roadworks, some congestion on the York ring road. Brimmed it before and after - 393 miles and 50.1...
  5. J

    So smooth :)

    My R129 lives outdoors, so today was a good opportunity to put the hood down for winter while totally dry. It always amazes me how well this occasional process goes, dropping the prongs into the holes and then letting the car grip and close them down. As usual, I took it for a spin to ensure...
  6. J

    Isn't autumn wonderful! (if you don't own an SL)

    Britain looks its best as the greenery takes on all the autumn colours. Unfortunately if you own an old SL the distributor seems to get damp and cut out as regularly as the leaves start to fall from the trees, and at almost the same time. Monday was October 1st and I knew I was tempting fate...
  7. B

    R129 ASR fault

    Hi Guys. My car SL 500 129 1995 48k miles. It was booked in to Mercs for the replacement of the fuel overflow pipe. Whilst under their charge the service guy reported that the ASR light was showing. I pointed out this was not the case when I brought it in. When I went to collect the car on...
  8. J

    Help Please - Engine cutting out

    I've been away for almost two weeks so fired up the SL for a trip to the garden centre to keep her happy. Started first time, and did so again when I came out 3 miles later. Took the scenic route home to give the car time to warm up and put some charge in the battery. Pulling away from the...
  9. C

    Effects of vacuum on SL320

    Just a question out of curiosity really. My SL320 headlights have always pointed at the tarmac about 10 yards on front of the car! I've just sort of managed with it up til now. But I had a moan about it to an evangelistic Merc enthusiast over the weekend, and he dived in, and mentioned the...

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