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    [Wanted] 208D T1 Injection Pump

    Hi, I am looking for a fuel injection pump for my T1 208D 1989. Mercedes Part No. 601 070 2201 ER 6010 If anyone has one available or knows someone who might please let me know. Many thanks.
  2. J

    208D (OM601.940) coolant sensor location

    Hi, I'm trying to find the coolant sensor on this engine. That might sound like a silly thing to have trouble with, but I can see two things that look like the candidate, and neither are it. The actual problem I am having is that there is no heat and the temp gauge doesn't move. To me that says...
  3. T

    Mercedes Motorhome turbo?

    Hi all I now have a Mercedes Autotrail Motorhome it's an old 208d 1991 but great fun except lacking power uphill needs s turbo fitted but I can not find anyone that fits them TB turbo in Lancashire are not operating anymore so if you know sheer I can get one fitted please post details.
  4. B

    208d front kingpin

    Just a quick question: Been poking around this weekend investigating seized/stiff nearside kingpin. I've managed to get the brake/hub assembly off and had a bit of a fiddle around. The source of the problem seems to a collapsed bearing. What would be the best method to remove the kingpin in...
  5. S

    Fuse box diagram - '97 (P) Sprinter 208 d

    Hi all! :) Having searched your most excellent forums for the last half an hour, I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for and hope you can help? Basically, I've got a customer who's bought a Russek Mechanics / Service Manual from me on Amazon. He's come back saying he wants to...

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