1. B

    190E 3.0

    So long sotry short I started a restoration project on a 1990 190E that was laying around for around 20 years. Pretty much finished the restoration in 1 year but now having a small issue with it. For clarification the car is a japanese import 1989 2.6 190E. Had to replace the engine and...
  2. Apex Seal

    Knackered W124 260E/300E (2.6) Sportline M/T purchase

    Hello people. I am currently looking for purchasing advice on a Merc I found for sale in my country (Argentina, South America), and hence resort to MB forums for oppinions (after having read several posts previously). Here´s the thing. I found a '92 W124 260E Sportline for sale (300E 2.6 for...
  3. P

    300e 24 cough & splutter

    hi, i have a 300e 24 1990 w124 when starting (only when warm) it sounds like it only runs on 4 cylinders not 6 for a few seconds then clears and drives perfectly ok though sometimes it smells a bit rich just wondering if anyone has come up against this before it has recently had new ign...
  4. C

    Losing garage - W124 300 24 valve Carat for sale!

    Hi all, I just get my lovely w124 fully sorted and then we get our planning through for major house alterations - inc. turning garage into much needed extra bedroom. I do love my Merc but the kids have to come first - do they? Anyway, she is now on ebay, item no. 300532836896 for anyone who is...
  5. W

    W124 E300 cold start issue

    I have now got my E300. Having had it checked over there are no issues mechanically. There does seem to be a reluctance to start from cold. It takes longer for the engine to fire depending on the temperature, but only from 1st start. Is there a cold start injector or temp sensor that could cause...

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