1. VasFlo

    CLS350 D Turbo oil feed pipe leak

    Hi guys again, today i noticed a smell of burn oil on my car, o opened the bonnet and i look carefully and i found where from is coming, is the small pipe wich i think is feed the turbo with oil, i put a photo to have an idea of what im talking
  2. Lee Edwards

    Hello new

    Hello to all ,new to this
  3. L

    New E350cdi owner looking for a remap and mods!

    Hi all, Title says it all really! I've just purchased a e350cdi and am looking to get it mapped and a few mods. Mapping wise I would like to use GAD as I've read nothing but praise for them, however I'm based in Mansfield (jct 29 M1) so am miles away..... does anyone recommend anyone else...
  4. C

    320 vs 350?

    I had a thought this morning, whether it would be worth chopping the A3 in now for something a leeetle bigger. It's a beautiful car, no doubt about it, lovely to drive, great performance if a little lacking in MPG over its Golf predecessor. But, reading various user posts on here I wondered if...
  5. GAD Tuning LTD

    E350 CDI Remapping!!!

    Hey guys, Well this little number was perfect for the awesome weather we have been having!!! A lovely E350 CDI Convertible in for power tuning! With the roof down, wind in your hair, loads of torque to put a smile on your face!!! Happy days! As we all know by now ECU location is ridiculous...

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