1. I

    A160 W168 charging port in bumper??

    Hi All!! I just bought this A160 W168 2001. The car has a charging port in the front bumper that came with a cable that plugs into an AC wall outlet. The guy who sold it to me asked me to charge 30 minutes per month. What is it actually and how do i get any literature on it TIA Slim
  2. KW27

    A160 auto gear select unit replacement

    I have a friend with an A160 - A168 that has locked in park mode and I have extracted the Auto Gear Select unit and wonder if it could be directly replaced by the A1693700509 unit from an A169? I know where there is one that is basically new (only 4000 miles) and can be had for a good price. The...
  3. C

    Active Brake Assist Limited Functions

    I’ve just bought a write off A-Class A160 AMG Line and it only has fairly light damage, however, the emergency braking radar looks knackered. Does anyone have any idea if I can just buy a new/second hand one and just plug it in and it’d work, or would it have to be programmed to the car. Cheers.
  4. A


    Hi I have a Mercedes A160 year 2011. WDD16903. Losing excessive oil so i checked for oil leak. Removed air filter cover and found about 2 litres of oil inside the air filter housing. So i removed complete air filter housing and somehow oil is coming into the throttle body and excess oil is going...
  5. J

    Mercedes Intermitent non start after new ECU and Battery

    Hi, Has been to 2 garages and checked for all the obvious, the ecu was rebuilt and battery changed. But every time it goes to the garage it starts working again!!! So they cant fix without there being a problem. Any suggestions welcome. Is a A class 1998 A160 Elegance. Thank you in advance...
  6. C

    A160 Poor Fuel Economy

    I bought an A160 Petrol Auto Elegance 2010 3 months ago, a used vehicle with 13000 miles on the clock. I moved down to a smaller vehicle and hoped to get much better fuel economy. Unfortunately I have been extremely disappointed with the MPG. Measuring tank to tank I am getting 33MPG for a mix...
  7. J

    S-Reg A160 Fuel Filter Removal Issue

    I have just been looking at the fuel filter on my A160 as it needs replacing and can see how to remove the various hoses without much issue. However, the problem comes when I look at the fuel filter itself. Mercedes have designed a clever plastic bracket to hold the filter but since the fuel...

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