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    K&N air Filter for CLC is it worth extra cost ?

    Hi The K&N publicity leads you to understand that their air filters improve performance and are a real improvement. Are they worth fitting or should I stick with the Mercedes OEM air filter. I have a CLC 220CDI and the K&N filter that should fit as far as I can see is E-2018 at best cost...
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    Air filter box.

    Hi Guys, so i had a issue with my engine when the tensioner died last week - See here To get to the bottom of a Whooshing noise when i am accelerating i decided to take all the inter-cooler and air pipes off, and re-seat them. I also decided to open the air filter box. Heres what i...
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    Bit of a whiffy smell when A/C is on

    Mods, not sure if this belongs in Interiors or Electrics so please move as necessary. So driving my 215 I've noticed that when the fan comes on, I get a bit of a musty pong. Almost exactly like something's got damp and gone rotten. Where should I be looking? Heater box? If so where is...
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    Have a E220CDi Avantgarde. Looking into how I can improve fuel economy - after doing all the usual things. Firstly - has anyone any experience of CHIP TUNING Diesel Boxes - which cost between 60-100 pounds - supposedly very easy to fit and give a 20%increase in BHP and Torque and around 15%...
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    Air Filter Housing Wobble

    Good Evening All, The Mrs picked me up from work the other day. When she pulled up I thought the 'diesel rattle' was a bit louder than usual. I lifted the bonnet and noticed the air filter housing heat shield was slightly touching a peice of metal below causing a metal on metal rattle...
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    Mercedes 190D 2.5 320K miles, noise at inlet like exhaut blown

    Please if anyone can assist. I have a 1992 2.5D 190, with 1 owner FSH, great car bought in Jan 2009 for £375 and then passed MOT in Aug with no work needed. Superb vehicle. Now done approx 320K miles, but clocks changed a few times, noted in history from Mercedes, so could be 350K miles if I...
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    Air Filter

    Can someone tell me the part number (or link) for the air filter in the cab for the W208. I think thats where its located anyway, passenger side? Thanks in advance
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