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  1. Kiwi_Benz

    W163 2003 Ipod or AUX added to Command 2.0 radio upgrade

    Upgrade of the Command 2.0 Bose sound system without MOST etc is possible. I purchased a cable (and the head unit removal keys) from the guys at Command Online in the UK and it came with instructions to attach 4 wires into the back of the head unit into C2. You then fit the other end of the...
  2. C

    Someone Must Know!!!!! Amplifer issues!

    Hi everyone, hoping there is someone on this forum that can help me solve this issue.I have just found that the LHS speakers on my SL R230 2008 have failed and fluff so badly its impossible to listen to the stereo. I had always planned to do a slight upgrade on the sound system in the long term...
  3. R

    SL 230 - NTG1 - Audio options (Bluetooth, AUX, Ipod, Iphone)

    Hello All, I have been scouring the net to find the best solution to incorporating an AUX into my 2007 SL (R230) with NTG1 (Sat nav player in the boot). I have the Phone connections - but the Bluetooth dongles do not allow the sending of music, only voice data - unless i am incorrect? I...
  4. S

    W211 Audio 20 Upgrade

    Hi I have been offered a replacement (newer) AUDIO 20 unit to replace my existing standard unit without phone capability. It is a NTG 2.5 with Bluetooth; part number A211 870 58 95 - MF2820. Am I correct in thinking this is a direct replacement? Ideally I would also like the telephone...

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