automatic transmission

  1. B

    B180 automatic

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum although probably will be a regular. Was wondering if anyone could tell me the following; I am about to change the gear oil in my auto box on the 2009 B180. Was wondering if anyone had done this and what size dip stick kit do I need to purchase.
  2. A

    2002 merc 220cd Auto transmission slipping

    Hi All, I am new to this so I hope I don`t make many mistakers. I have a 2002 220CD that once is warmed up, the shifting from 3rd to 4th under acceleration slip`s. This becomes very apparent on kick-down when the gear is missed altogether. The gear box has been totally rebuilt about 4...
  3. H

    A168 automatic transmission noise issue

    Hi all, I hope it is okay to ask for advice in my second post:) I own a 2004 Mercedes A168 with automatic transmission (model 722.7). The car transmission has started to make a clicking noise while driving at the time when transmission is switching from gear 2 to 3. The noise is similar to...
  4. O

    what auto gear box is this and for what car ?

    Can anybody tell what auto gearbox this is with these numbers which are on the box the main part number was ground off and for what car ? 20127107 01 33516200 many thanks steve
  5. M

    Acceleration problem

    Hi All I have recently bought a 2005 E280CDI with automatic transmission. Generally it is very good, but if I put my foot down too hard, it has trouble picking the right gear, revs very high a couple of times, jerks forward as if it can't pick a gear. Then, when I release the accelerator...
  6. M

    Auto Transmission Problem on 270 CDi

    Hi, my 270 CDi does something strange occasionally. A quick depression of the gas pedal sometimes causes the transmission to disengage completely. Instead of changing down it effectively goes into neutral and you are left travelling at speed with the engine revving. Moving the gear selector into...
  7. B

    300ce idle dip

    evening all!! does anybody elses 4 speed automatic mercedes do this? after starting engine and driving off, then comming gto a junction or traffic lifts, leaving car in drive, the idle dips to 500rpm and almost cuts out!!! odd i know!! my haynes manual isnt particularly clear as to...
  8. M

    Change gear shutter C250D

    Hi, I have a C250D elegance, an automatic. The gear box shutter/curtain thingy broke a while ago and now the kids have decided that its a fun game to post money into the gear box. This has spurred me on to fix it and so I have a replacement shutter, and came to try and replace it tonight and...
  9. rx6180

    Does my W202 have transmission lock up?

    My W202 C200 (1999 reg.) has just been the subject of a costly auto transmisson part-rebuild after it went to a specialist for a simple fluid change - I intend to post the reasons why when I've more time, as a warning to others about what might happen or to see if I've been 'done'! My question...

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