1. twocups

    Where can I get this chrome strip from?

    I've recently acquired a 2009 B180 and noticed that the chrome strip just below the window on the RH side rear door is missing..... Can anyone suggest a specific supplier that I could source a replacement from, please? I'll also get the strip for the RH front door while I'm at it; that's looking...
  2. M

    Mercedes B180 Brakes

    Does anyone know off hand whether a B180 2012 has a brake pad warning light so know wnen they are getting low ?. Sorry for such a boring question.
  3. bertg

    Garage Recommendations In S.London Please

    After yet another recall for our 2013 B Class, this time something to do with the braking systems MB Croydon have suggested Front Pads 80% worn and Front Disks are 0.4 away from recommended thickness, they did mention in fairness that until the warning light comes on we will be ok. Could someone...
  4. sineda

    New B-Class member from the East Midlands

    Hi all, Newbie to this forums. Where shall I start? I am a car enthusiast, I used to sell cars as a hobby whilst studying law at university. Love to get my hands dirty in DYI. Thinking of opening an honest garage one day where customers won't be afraid that they may get ripped off and won't...
  5. T

    W245 B180 CDI Glow plugs anomaly

    After cleaning EGR something happened with the glow plugs, as before everything was fine. Now glow plugs don't work, as in the morning when it's feezing outside, it takes a while for the engine to start. After starting, the glow plugs light on dash stays on for the whole ride, although few times...
  6. D

    Newbie in the house!

    Hello Guys, Newbie here from Nottingham. Just got my first MB and it's a B180. I'm still getting used to driving it (my previous car is a bimmer :) ). Anyway, just want to learn some tips and tricks along the way. Hope to hear from you soon! (I'll upload some pics next time if I can get on to...
  7. B

    Automatic Juddering Problem!

    Hi all, we have recently purchased a B180 CDI SE CVT - 55 Plate - 85K - Full MB Service history. I noticed yesterday that when going from reverse into drive and then pulling away and visa versa that there is a sharp judder on gentle excelleration, ie: parking manouvers etc. Is this normal...

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