battery charge

  1. idlerider

    Sleeping in...

    W211 estate. Early morning cold start. Seat heater and rear demist lights flashing but not working; tailgate not working either. After a couple of miles, everything comes on-line again. Normal? - or do I need a new battery?
  2. F

    C250 AMG Warning Lights / Electrics Fault

    C250 AMG Diesel 2012 has recently started showing: Run Flat Indicator - Inoperable ABS Warning Light ESP Inoperable When these lights appear all additional systems become inactive eg no speed limiter, cruise control, eco mode, no stop start, no electronic hold and no auto lights...
  3. P

    Mercedes Key Dead

    Just changed the batteries in the key of my C-Class 180 (2005) as it would not unlock the car but was OK starting the car. Now its the other way around, it opens the doors but not working when put in the ignition, any one any ideas?:(
  4. O

    500 sec battery/alternator charging

    Hello, I left my car for a few months without driving it, and the battery was flat.I subsequently jump started the car--like i've done several times before when this has occurred,and then left it to run for an hour or so then taken it for another 30 min drive. This time ,unfortunately, when i...
  5. M


    this question has probably been asked many times before, but i cant find the answer for my E270 cdi 2002. Battery flat, how do I open the boot/trunk?? Where is this mysterious terminal I need to connect to?

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