1. E

    What else needed to replace aircon compressor in E250

    The bearing in my compressor has failed - the compressor is making a grinding noise. Interestingly., the noise stops when the aircon is switched ON, but the noise appears when the aircon is OFF. I have sourced a second-hand replacement compressor from eBay for £80, and have a mobile mechanic...
  2. Holmey

    2003 E320 CDi Prop Shaft Centre Bearing?

    Hi, I’ve started feeling what can perhaps best be described as a shimmer through the drivetrain of my 2003, (now), 135,000 mile E320 CDi at various speed when accelerating medium/hard, with this shimmering only lasting for a second or 2 before everything smooths out again. From experience of...
  3. F

    rear bearing replacement by removing the whole wheel stative

    Hello everybody, I had I want to change the rear wheel bearing and to do this I unscrewed the entire wheel stand, but it cannot be pegged out now, although it is not held by any screw and it should actually no longer be fixed. Anyone knows what to do? In the picture, my harmless attempt to pull...
  4. gothic_merc

    S202 Front wheel bearing stuck

    My front wheel bearing decided to give up, upon stripping down there was hardly any grease in there and not of the usual green stuff. Noisy as anything I struggled to get the hub off as the rear seal wouldn't come over the rib on the spindle. it actually was pulled off when I removed it...
  5. D

    SLK 230k Supercharger bearing / whine

    Hi all, i've got a 2002 230k with 25k on the clock. Just recently the supercharger has started whining, a friend of mine used to work for merc and has opened the charger up and said that the bearing is going and has caused slight wear to the blades. ( obviously this is second hand info but...

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