1. A

    Saloon cars front/rear bumper

    Hi, I have a W205 C220d 2016 AMG Line. For example, on speed humps (in 30 mph area), going on 25mph without pressing the brake sometimes, I seem to hear the front bumper being scratched. This always spoils the driving experience and have to constantly think whether something is damaged when...
  2. G

    Restoration in or near Gloucestershire

    Dear Benz folk, I'm a very new member but have owned my '83 W123 for 20 years. It's time to get some work done so wondering if anyone can recommend anybody in the Cheltenham/Gloucestershire area? General body work but also needs some welding underneath, possibly some panel/floor/sill replacement...
  3. B

    Bodywork 2001 S203 - Wheel archs and corner door sils

    Hey MBClub, what are the best repair options to deal with surface rust, notably on the wheel and door rim corners, some rust bubbling on the tailgate, for a 2001 S203? It has been a fantastic vehicle and I would like to repair the rust spots and bring it back to it's former glory, but not sure...
  4. Razor Burns

    rear side window outer aluminium trim removal, any advice appreciated.. 280ce

    I am just about to work on my 280ce specifically any advice on removal of aluminum outer trim rear side window without damage, tips, clues, screws n glues.. would be appreciated.
  5. S

    Body shop

    I’m new in here and hope you all can help me. My 6 month old GLC was keyed on Tuesday evening. 3 panels affected. MB has quoted me £3k to respray. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.
  6. Tukka

    W115 Owners!!

    Im about to start on body restoration of my 1973 200D and was wondering if there are any other W115 owners within my area? Im in Ashbourne Derbyshire and would like to view any other cars for reference purposes and/or possible source of spares. Im looking for front bumper or just o/s...
  7. N

    R230 SL350 discoloured rear window side trim panels

    Hi Kids!! This is one of those occasions where a photo would be much better than words, but currently floating across the Irish Channel and the car is back home. My much prized 2009 SL350 is suffering a bit of blight to part of the body work. The two piano black trapezoid panels that sit each...
  8. S

    New Member - London - R107

    Just registered, hello all. I am just starting to restore a 1985 300SL. I have come here to seek some inspiration and advice. Can anyone recommend a supplier of replacement panels? Are any still available from what was previously called Hadrien panels? Has anyone else experience with using...
  9. N

    Manchester Body Specialists Recommendations?

    Someone took the turning of a junction too tightly and took the nearside front bumper of my parked, 2011 CLS with it. Just a month old to me. It looks like most will buff out with some minor paintwork repair. Lights intact and only minor (approx 5mm) of movement in the bumper towards the...
  10. P

    W208 CLK 230K Squeaks under low throttle or idle

    Hi all My 2001 W208 CLK 230K has developed a high-pitched squeak when the engine is idle or revved up to around 1500rpm. I think it may be bodywork as the same squeak happens very slightly when I shut the driver's door! Has anyone experienced this before? Many thanks all! Pete
  11. D

    Bodywork in Middlesbrough Area?? please help...

    :DHi All I've just bought a C220 CDI - Engine - Perfect (113k and 10year old) Interior - Just needs a good cleaner on leather (any sugestions?) Exterior - Some small patches of rust and about 4/5 small bubbles on the roof just starting to show. Does anybody know any garage near...
  12. W

    W124 Bodywork

    Hello again, Many thanks for the replies to my initial query about buying advice for a W124 coupe. One thing I'm a bit concerned about is I am getting conflicting information now (from 3 different sources - the person who is selling the 124 I'm going to look at tomorrow, another garage I...
  13. S

    Any good bodywork shop in Hounslow?

    Hi All Does anyone knows any good bodywork shop in Hounslow? Thanks Salman
  14. D


    clk 270 cdi on a 53 plate.can you test the parking sensors.garage have told me i have 4 gone,strange 4 have gone at the same time? do the bumpers have to come off please help regards dave

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