boot electrics

  1. bertg

    Boot Unlocked itself

    Morning, i have a W246 2013 b class petrol from new and last night whilst pulling off from the traffic lights and boot unlocked itself. Very strange, never happened before, should i be concerned? and what would be the likely cause? The central locking on all doors seems ok and when i got out of...
  2. Sam Stoddard

    Broken PSE Pump???

    Hey guys I’ve been having issue with my boot soft close and also the central locking not working. On my 2003 SL350 (R230) In another thread I went through everything I’ve done so far including sealing every single possible leak from the PSE to the boot actuator. I’ve also stripped down the...
  3. G

    GLC boot forced and auto close issue

    Hi to all the technical wizards out there. I've just encountered a strange issue with my GLC's boot opening and closing. The boot will open and then immediately close. I've tried opening it via the door, boot lid and key and in all instances, the boot will immediately close after two beeps...
  4. aidedecampe

    CLK 230 - Problems with opening the Trunk

    Dear all, I have owned a CLK 230 K for 10 years, before that is was my late fathers one, so therefore it is very dear to me. I hope that someone of you could give me some advice regarding the fact that my trunk is not possible to open. Description of the challenge: 1. I can open the trunk hood...
  5. M

    Boot electrics, ignition lights

    Hi all, this is my 1st time. Please can someone help. My wife has a W reg 2000 CLK 320 convertible. last month in sub zero temperatures her park sensors started playing up. This sorted itself out when it warmed up. Now the lamp (bulb) warning indicator lit up. Had a look and the number plate...

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