1. R

    BRABUS GV12 2009

    Hi, I’ve got a Brabus gv12 2009 and im thinking of selling it but I can’t find any comparisons online to compare too in terms of value. Have any of you guys got an idea on value or what you’ve seen them sell for?
  2. A

    Mercedes E350 BRABUS upgrade 3.0L Couple

    Hi All, im wondering if you could point me in the right direction. ive recently acquired a Mercedes E350 3.0L Couple 59 Plate with 103k miles which has had a factory Brabus upgrade which includes engine re-mapped, quad stainless steel exhaust system, rear carbon fibre diffuser, Monroe...
  3. J

    E320cdi sport w211 brabus

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help me in the way of a brabus tuning box for a w211 e320cdi sport and if it’s worth getting I just want a decent bit of power to have some fun, I’m from Southampton but can travel
  4. S

    Brabus Tunes Into New Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205

    Newbie here and owner of a 2014 C-Class: C220 AMG-line. Wondering if anyone here has had any experience with Brabus and how much a kit and tuning upgrade like this would cost?
  5. K

    Brabus Viano or Carisma V1?

    Hi All, I've been looking into buying a Mercedes Viano conversion. I like the idea of a van conversion and Mercedes Viano seems to tick all the boxes. They look classy, yet discreet, from the outside and spacious and very luxurious on the inside. Ideal for both work/client meetings while...
  6. zedmeister

    Brabus wheels

    I am about to buy some Brabus alloys for my CLS and wanted some opinions. First of all, do you think Monoblock V will suit the car? Next they are 18" (8.5 front and 9.5 rear) - will that be enough (I currently have the 17" on my car). The offsets are ET35 - will I need spacers or will...
  7. zedmeister

    Picking up a CLS 320CDI Brabus tomorrow - any advice?

    Hi, I'm buying a CLS 320CDI with the Brabus chip fitted. Its 2007 with 75k miles - any advice on what to look for? Thanks.
  8. M

    C200 CDI Sport - brabus tuning kit?

    Hi everyone. Since this W/E owner of a used ~18k miles C200 CDI Sport (up until now BMW 320TD estate). Love the sports supension, but think the car could do with more horses, especially in comparison to my previous Beemer. Have come across the Brabus tuning kit (chip?!) on the web and a few...
  9. B

    Mercedes C280 'Brabus' (W202)

    Sorry to start a fresh thread to mention this again but i just wanted to put it out there since iv recently advertised the car for sale and was suprised by the interest i gained. So i thought id check here first to see if anyone might be interested in the car/wheels/parts who will genuinely...
  10. J

    Brabus ECO PowerXtra D6 S

    Hi Folks, Whilst I have no immediate plans until I've enjoyed my new C350 for a good while, I see Brabus offer dealer fitted tuning remaps. I called one dealership, Birmingham Central who've told me is £2400?! Is that correct? Regards Jim
  11. BRABUS R230

    Intermittent Power Loss!

    Hi all, I am trying to find out if anybody can shed some light in to the cause of one of my many, and long standing problems, this problem was very, very intermittent at first but seems to have got really bad all of a sudden, I believe its in the list of my problems. Under brisk acceleration or...
  12. I

    Brabus 18 x 8.5 ET35 FOR W124 E320 COUPE NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP!

    Right, I'm going to start again as I'm new to forums and have started asking questions without giving full details of the vehicle I have, which normally helps! My fault totally.:Oops: Some of you guys have been kind enough to try and help, so please dont be offended as I'm asking again with a...
  13. J

    Mercedes Brabus GLK V12

    BRABUS GLK V12 - The World's fastest street-legal SUV!..
  14. BRABUS R230

    SL55 vs Brabus SL Ride Height Issue

    Hi All, I have been away on holiday for a month and while away I left my car (BRABUS SL55 K8) with the MB Independent dealer to correct the ride height on the N/S front after the strut was changed, I wont bore all of the prior details as yet but I would like to know what the normal mesurement...
  15. J

    A new rival for Brabus - The Viano V1

    Hello to all @ MBO, Following on from recent interest in our post "The worlds most luxurious Viano" we are pleased to release images of the all new Mercedes V1 conversion, handbuilt in the UK by Carisma Auto Design, each V1 is tailored to suit specific customer requirements. The...
  16. G

    June & July 20% Off Remapping and GCL products

    We are offering members 20% off through out June/July. GCL Tuning This includes all custom ECU remapping & development. This also includes the gcl brabus unit and the gcl ST3 switchable remapping. GCL Brabus spec Unit GCL ST3 - Switchable remapping unit...
  17. J

    The Worlds Most Luxurious Mercedes Viano

    Carisma have just launched 3 luxury Viano conversions, this one pictured in the 1st class layflat conversion.....check the spec, must be the best Viano in the world i recon !!!
  18. BRABUS R230

    ECU Remapping or is it Madness!!!

    Hi All, I know that some of you may think that I am crazy for even considering this but I will explain, I have a very rare BRABUS modified SL55, one of only six made in right hand drive for UK, it produces 550HP and 780Nm of Torque which I know may of you will say "thats more that enough" but I...
  19. W

    S class diesel engine tuning

    I'm just buying a 70K mile 2003 S320CDI. Having driven a friends CLS 320CDI and an E320CDI, both of which were fitted with Brabus chips and drive superbly (even better than the excellent standard E320CDI's I've owned in the past), I've been thinking of having a Brabus chip put onto the S...
  20. BRABUS R230

    At Last!!!!

    Hi all,:p over the last few months I have been trying make a post on this site without any joy so i have had to start over again with a new user name, I had not posted previously as I was not able to for some reason, so I used to just view other posts without being able to make a comment or...

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