bulb replacement

  1. N

    Headlamp conversion

    Hi all, im new to all of this tbh. Ive recently bought a 2013 A class amg line, i love the car but the only thing that lets it down is the headlamps arent xenon, does anyone know if it would be just a case of replacing both headlamps or is it more difficult than that. Thanks Nathan.
  2. BestHeadhunter

    Weird Tail light problem - a complete mystery

    I'm hoping for a miracle. My 2007 CLK Cabrio has a tail light problem. The lights all work, but they dance. For 10 seconds they are normal, then they flick to the backup mode, all bulbs replaced with Bosch bulbs. Inside, the error message has always been the same, even when the lights were fine...
  3. A

    S210 interior bulb replacement

    Took the plunge back into Mercedes ownership a few months ago (just can't keep away..) and am gradually working through the fixes on a 2002 S210 Avantgarde estate (well Alex Crow is mostly). One little problem that should be simple enough for me to fix is the light fitting underneath the...
  4. I

    CLC - Converting brakelights to LEDs

    all, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC-beginner class!!!) and loving it... Seeking your pearls of wisdom, as I plan to replace the tungsten filament brake lights bulbs with LED (mainly as I hate changing bulbs!) I know they need to be Canbus compliant, and I believe the bulbs needed are...
  5. I


    Hi All, Just got my first Mercedes (2008 CLC - beginner class!!!) and loving it... wanted to say hello and how much i am enjoying stepping into a luxury world each day :-) also I've posted a question in "electronics section" about changing filament bulbs to LEDs... so any thoughts on that very...
  6. T

    ML320 parking bulb replacement

    Hi ML320 - 07 - My nearside front parking light is not working and it seems impossible to access it as it is behind part of the car frame. Can anybody tell me how its done please?
  7. E

    Embarrassed: stuck bulb!

    I can't get the driver's side front sidelight bulb out on my w210 E300TD estate. I've changed almost all other types of bulbs on the beast over the past 18 months:( so I'm not (normally) a TOTAL klutz .... but this has me stumped. I've got the case off and I've moved the ?? hose out the way so...
  8. A

    Speed Limiter Beeping

    Hi, I've got a SLK 230K 2000. A few days back one of my rear lights blow and my speed limiter stopped working. I changed the bulb and the speed limiter started working again. But next day the speed limiter stopped working again, but as far as I can tell all the bulbs are OK. Does...
  9. M

    R171 SLK Fog/Driving lamp replacement

    How do I replace a faulty front driving lamp bulb? The assembly seems to be part of the front spoiler. Do I need to put the car on a ramp to drop off the under tray or get access via the wheel arch. Any help would be valuable. Thanks

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