1. M

    C207 2015 Engineering Menu / BT Audio

    In an effort to set bass levels to default as discussed in my other thread I found a reset option under Vehicle settings. The reset cleared the previous owners settings including, which I had been removing manually, and also removed the option to select a BT media device. Reading around the...
  2. M

    Harmon Kardon too much bass

    Bought a C207 over the weekend after browsing the classifieds for months to get the right options, one of which was the HK audio. Having never heard the audio system before I couldn't wait to give it a try once I got home, too many other things to test first like the acceleration of the 3L V6...
  3. M

    E Coupe, passenger windows closing

    Hi all Picked up my first Mercedes over the weekend, a 2016 (65) E350 Couple (C207/W207). Lots of reading of this forum and others to help me chose the right one. Among a number of small issues one is when the driver's door is opened the rear window drops a little which is all good. However...
  4. Bini

    AUX, USB not working

    Got a C207, 2011 E class coupe. Since I've had it, the USB, AUX and ipod have never worked. Opened the glove box and seems all wired up fine. When plugging in the USB the light doesnt flash up to suggest there's any power reading it. Someone suggested selecting SOZ on the head unit on CD menu...
  5. Ian306

    E class rail cover

    I have an E220 amg sport (c207) I was putting my roof bars on today and accidentally caught one of the covers that cover up the mounting points, snapping the corner. Is it possible to get replacement covers? If so, does anyone know how much they would be, and how easy/hard are they to fit? Ian
  6. J

    Demister and aircon not working

    Guys, there is no air coming from my windscreen demister or air vents. The air control unit turns on and you can increase fan speed and temperature etc but nothing happens. Any idea were I looking to start looking to sort this? Could the car need the air con refilled/regased? From search it...
  7. S

    What LED bulbs for DRLs

    Hi I want to upgrade my current DRL bulbs to LEDs, The Cars a C207 2010 with the round DRL not the hockey stick type. The current bulbs just look to yellow so thought i would go for a decent LED. Anyone changed theres? What bulbs do i need, i know i need canbus to stop errors Are the...

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