c220 auto

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    New Owner - Best Garage North West/ North Wales

    Hi all, Well I finally treated myself to a Mercedes in the form of a C Class! Now wondering if there's any recommendations for independent Mercedes garages to get it serviced at in the North West/ North Wales? Its done 58k miles and is 8 years old but has never had the auto gearbox oil done...
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    New member.

    Hi all names Paul. Just registered on the forum and after some advice really. I've just part exchanged my Audi A4 plus cash for a Mercedes C220 sport 57 plate. Not actually picked it up yet. Going to get it in the morning from my brothers car sales place. 1. How do I update the sat nav? 2...
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    Whole car judders/wobbles when brake is on

    Hi I've recently just bought a used c220 from mercedes and in the last 2 weeks randomly when I am stopped in traffic with the brake on or with 'hold' on the whole car judders/wobbles??? I've read about just steering column juddering but this is the whole car!! Feels like it would be noticeable...
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    1997 c220 epc fault

    hello all, I own a a 1997 Merc c220 diesel which has an intermittent EPC fault which results in Batman style clouds of black smoke & limited throttle response, I have to stop the vehicle switch it off, start again, sometimes the EPC light comes on straight away it might drive 20 mile or 200...
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    problem with condensation on the inside of windscreen.

    On cold mornings, my c220cdi takes about 5 minutes to demist the water droplets that gather on the interior of my windscreen. This never happened before in 3 years of driving it, but lately it is happening a lot and I am wondering what is causing it ?. Is it just the extreme cold of late or...
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    c220 auto

    c220 auto problem hi I've got a wee problem with a c220 cdi auto that we have just inherited, well not to sure if it is a problem or not. It just seems to be very slow to pick up speed on motorways its ok in town but takes about 30 seconds to get to 60 is this normal and if not how do I fix...

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